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Things to Consider with a 2000 Lumens Home Theater Projector

Communications have become ingrained in our daily lives. Nothing drives home a sales pitch, lecture, or point of view as well as an excellent visual experience. A 2000 Lumens home theater projector from eBay could assist you with your message, and here are some things to consider.

What can you do with these projectors?

The 2000 Lumens home theater projector is compact and can be transported to any venue, making it easy to pack it along to make a presentation for clients or set the projector up as a home theater in your backyard. This type of projector is also portable and can be installed for a more permanent situation. You only need to adjust the screen size to fit the needs of your projector location.

What kind of picture can you expect from this projector?

Many 2000 Lumens home theater projectors have multiple connections. Through an HDMI cable, these can include:

  • 480p
  • 720p
  • 1080p

You can also illuminate pictures from 37 inches up to 150 inches with your best images up to 100 inches. Your 2000 Lumens projector provides the best picture in rooms with low ambient lighting and highly reflective surfaces.

How do you connect your other devices?

Most of the video projection systems include integrated speakers, eliminating you ever being without sound. These 2000 Lumens home theater projectors also include multiple inputs that include USB, VGA, AV, with some having TF and SD card ports. If you are not fond of the wired experience, some of these projectors allow you to go wireless and connect via Android and iPhone smart devices.

How long is the life of these projectors?

If you are looking for longevity and low maintenance, you may want to look into LED projection lamps. LED projectors can exceed 20,000 hours of life expectancy. With alternative projection technology, it ranges from 3,000 to 6,000 hours. Another benefit to remember is that LED projectors use a fraction of the power that LCD and DLP projectors use. LED projection does not require the cooling that the other projectors do. While this is a desirable feature concerning energy, it also reduces noise from any fan or cooling unit. Since the LED does not require the power or cooling, it also does not require as large as a power supply, reducing weight and often the size of the cabinet that contains the unit.