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You can always hold your camera and film whatever you want in all directions, but the visual quality is not always as good as it could be. People who want to have greater stability in taking photos and videos can use portable tripods and tripod accessories to hold their camera for them. The camera can be rotated in all directions when attached to the head of a 360-degree rotation tripod.

What types of tripod heads are there?

The 360 degree rotation tripod heads for Canon cameras come in various types:

  • Ball head: Uses a joint that is similar to a ball and a socket. The ball is situated inside this socket, which can tighten the ball in one position. The stem that comes from the ball ends in the head mount.
  • Pan or tilt head: Works at different axis levels which are perpendicular to each other. The movement is limited to a single axis by locking the movement with a lever.
  • Geared head: Like the pan or tilt head, it has gears to the separate axes. Each axis can be adjusted.
  • Panoramic head: A couple of images can be taken and put together to make a single panoramic picture.
  • Gimbal head: Usually used for heavy equipment because the head can hold the Canon camera in place when it is not being controlled by the photographer.
  • Fluid head: Used for making videos.
What is a quick release plate?

Quick release plates are metal platforms that are attached to the bottom part of the camera using a screw on the tripod head. Branded plates and universal models are available as a part of the tripod head.

How do you mount a camera to the tripod?

The first step is to find the tripod mount on the bottom of our camera. It is a hole with screw threads. Remove the camera plate from the legs. Screw the Canon camera onto the head using a clamp and tighten a screw under the clamp. Clamp the camera onto the tripod if it uses a clamping system.

How do you maintain your tripod head?

Maintaining and cleaning your head is particularly important if you are working in dusty or natural conditions. Disassemble the device. Unscrew the bolts so that every piece can be separate. When doing so, consider taking pictures of each part and where they belong so you do not get confused when assembling it later. Clean the dirt, water, or debris off each element with a clean water and a sponge or a brush. After that, dry off with a cloth and assemble only when the parts are completely dry. Reassemble the device in reverse order.

Do not carry the tripod composition when the camera is mounted to avoid damage to the fine parts. Do not leave the components at extreme weather temperatures since the lubricants which smooth out the movement of the device minimize their performance after exposure to extreme weather conditions.

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