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3M Computer Screen Privacy Filter

You can fight back against the dangers of visual hacking with the 3M Computer Screen Privacy Filter. This accessory makes it easy to work on your tablet, laptop, or phone in relative safety and privacy even when you are out in public. 3M Computer Screen Privacy Filters are user-friendly and come in several convenient sizes.

What is a 3M privacy screen?

Visual hacking occurs when someone surreptitiously watches your computers screen to access private information, and it can be just as dangerous as system hacking. 3M privacy filters prevent unscrupulous people from looking at your screen and stealing information about your online habits.

How do privacy filters work?

3M Privacy filters make use of micro-louvers to protect the information on your device’s screen. Micro-louvers are like tiny versions of window blinds. When applied, these privacy screens prevent people who are sitting or standing near the sides of your monitor from observing your activities on the screen. Only the person sitting directly in front of the screen with a head-on angle of view can see what is going on, and everyone else sees a distorted or blacked out screen.

How easy is it for you to apply privacy screens?

Privacy screens are very easy to set up. After you take off the protective backing, apply the privacy filter to your device’s screen. Also, 3M privacy screen filters can be removed and reattached.

What kinds of devices can you use with privacy filters?

Privacy screens can be used with digital gadgets that use LCD screens. These include smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktop PC monitors. 3M privacy screen protectors come in a variety of sizes, and they fit monitors up to 55 inches in size.

What are some other benefits of these protective screens?

Some of the benefits include:

  • Anti-glare effects: Many digital devices are difficult to observe in direct sunlight or when glare is otherwise present. 3M privacy filters have built-in antiglare technology that makes it easy to see your monitor when a potentially glaring light is present.
  • Screen shielding: It can be easy to scratch, crack, or otherwise damage sensitive computer touchscreens. By using 3M privacy filters, you give your tablets, laptops, and other gadgets an extra layer of protection.
How do you measure a monitor?

To ensure a proper fit between your LCD monitor and your privacy filter, it is necessary to have accurate measurements of your screen size. To gauge the size, measure the viewable area of the monitor diagonally from corner to corner.

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