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The Basics of the Video Projector 7000

The projector 7000 can really step up your game for entertaining guests on movie night, and it can help to make a great presentation for a prospective client. Video projector systems are becoming very common and have a multitude of functions to fit your specific needs, and though they have become very affordable, choosing a perfect match doesnt have to be overwhelming. Here is some information about your many projector options on eBay to consider.

What location should you use your video projector?

The brightness of a projector is a key element for your picture quality. An insufficient level of brightness will leave you with a dull screen and a less desirable picture. When shopping for projectors, you want to concentrate on the lumens rating. Your home cinema atmosphere will consist of low lighting. In such a case, your lumens level will not require as high of lumens factor and a 3000-5000 lumens projector may be a perfect match. However, a projector 7000 lumens may be a more versatile option. With a 7000 rating, you could have a sharp image in a conference room or possibly an outdoor setting.

Which video projector is best for you?

There are different types of projectors, and you may have seen the DLP, LCD, and even the LED.

  • DLP: The DLP projects a very sharp image. It is constructed of very small mirrors and little maintenance and an excellent response for images. The lamp life on DLPs is in the area of 3000-5000 hours prior to degradation. So you have to keep in mind lamp replacement.
  • LCD: An LCD is constructed of liquid crystal and no spinning parts like the DLP. It is constructed at a lesser cost, so the savings typically reflect that. They are rich in color and are an excellent choice for sports or movies. Lamp life will be in a similar ballpark.
  • LED: LED projectors have become very common. They are known for excellent light and color and are energy efficient. What LED projectors lack in brightness, they make up with longevity. Their life is closer to 15000-20000 hours. Make sure you know how much light will be present where you place the projector.
What connectivity options are there?

While HDMI input is becoming standard, there are still other physical ports available. Some will have component cable ports and even VGA. There are many models that have speakers built into the projector. Beyond the physical world, many projectors now come with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options. You also have the option of a projector 7000 lumens with 1080P, 3D cinema, and Android 6.01 support. Whether youre looking for brand new or used, eBay carries all brands at prices you can afford.