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How to Choose 1 GB ATI Graphics Cards

When you want to transform your PC into a gaming machine, adding an AMD 1 GB graphics card helps to boost its speed and efficiency. Having a computer with a GPU that can enable your AMD graphics card to seamlessly multitask has an advantage over other machines, as it can add more performance and power to gaming and other applications, regardless of whether you have a Windows 10 desktop or a laptop device.

What Are the Memory Types?

When you're looking for graphics accessories for your GPU, you'll come across different memory types that usually begin with the letters DDR. This refers to the memory of the card, and while DDR is standard, there are other options.

  • DDR (or Double Data Range) is traditionally used when it comes to graphics. These memory options come featuring varied numbers, including cards that offer DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4 memory. The higher the number on the card, the faster its speeds are.
  • The second type of memory is GDDR (or Graphic Double Data Rate). This is a newer type of memory that is made for higher-bandwidth machines and is a higher-performance type of card. Some are only compatible with specific types of cards or processors, such as those from Intel.

What Are Some Port Options?

Another factor to think about is the port. Each device has its own type of input, and before you purchase a card, you'll need to be aware of the type of port your hardware has.

  • PCIe (or PCI Express) is one of the most common compatibility options. This simply refers to the connection type for how you'll install the AMD graphics card, as these are the slots on the motherboard where you place the cards. PCI Express is considered a widely standard format. 
  • Though PCI-E is the basic form, there are variations of this port option. One of these is PCIe x16, which refers to the size of the card. You might also see PCI x2 or x8.
  • What about PCI 2.0 and 3.0? This is the version number of your graphics card, with a higher number meaning a later version, which could also support a higher bandwidth.

Which Models Are Available?

You can select the right model of graphics accessory from this brand or other brands, though there are a few well-known models from which to choose.

  • The AMD Radeon HD is a series of cards for your desktop PC. This Radeon HD series offers a couple of models that provide high-end gaming features such as smooth graphics and multi-display technology.
  • Select the ATI Radeon HD for HD gaming as well as for a panoramic experience. An ATI card works with the Windows 7 OS, and this Radeon model supports DirectX 11.
  • The ATI FirePro is a professional-level card that can support up to three monitors for a large workspace. It's also CPU-efficient and offers DirectX support.