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ARC Audio Car Audio Amplifiers

Car amplifiers are an important part of a car audio system because they deliver sound signals to the speakers. ARC Audio produces a full range of car amplifiers for your audio needs. There are amplifiers that have several different channels and are usable for a variety of applications and configurations depending on your car.

What are ARC Audio car amplifiers used for?

Car amplifiers exist to magnify the amplitude of the signal received, which then powers your speakers and subwoofers. Your car's stock radio likely includes a built-in amp, but if this is attached to an aftermarket, higher-performance audio system, an aftermarket amp is necessary for compatibility. Some amps simply boost signals while others take a more active role in shaping the tone through equalization or balancing before it reaches the speakers.

What are the features of ARC Audio car amplifiers?
  • Wattage and power: To get the most out of your car's system, you need an amp with sufficient power, measured in watts. For instance, if you have four 250-watt speakers in your car, you need a 1000-watt amp to hear and enjoy the sound to full effect.
  • Channels: Different ARC Audio amplifiers come with different numbers of channels. Typically, you want one channel for each speaker, so if you have a four-speaker system, you will want to purchase a four-channel ARC amp.
How do you install an ARC Audio amplifier?
  • Disconnect your car battery: In order to reduce the risk of electric shock, you should always disconnect your car battery before doing any electrical work.
  • Prepare the wiring: Your ARC Audio amp will come with a wiring kit, but you need to ensure that you have sufficient wiring to get the job done. Once you have enough wiring, remove the insulation from all wiring.
  • Set the ground wire: Attach the ground wire to a clean, bare metal location on your vehicle.
  • Attach the wiring to your head unit: You will likely need to remove your dashboard in order to access your head unit. Once you have reached the head unit, attach the appropriate wires to the back of the radio.
  • Connect the wires to the subwoofer and speakers: Attach the wires from the speakers and subwoofer to the back of the ARC amp.
  • Attach the inline fuse: Attach the inline fuse to your vehicle's existing electrical system as close as possible to the battery and secure all wiring.
  • Test the audio system: Test all components of the audio system, including balance, fade, bass, treble, and volume.
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