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Selecting an All-In-One Computer

All-in-one desktops are computers that have all their system components integrated into the monitor case. ASUS PCs run on Windows operating system, commonly Windows 8 or Windows 10. These computers also come with HDMI inputs in order to provide support for full HD as well as Wi-Fi capability.

What Computer Specs Should I Evaluate?

  • Processor: The processor is a small chip that is responsible for executing all computer and application operations. Two of the more notable manufacturers of processors are Intel and AMD. The Intel Core line features multi-core models, which are processors consisting of more than one units that are able to process commands independently. Examples include the Intel Core Duo and Quad chips. 
  • Hard drive: The hard drive serves as the internal permanent storage for your computer. It stores the operating system, all software installed on the PC, and all your personal files. The larger the hard drive, the more data it can hold.
  • RAM: RAM, or random access memory, serves as temporary storage for data that the computer is currently utilizing. More RAM means faster computer performance - for example a machine with 16 GB RAM would operate faster than one with 8 GBs of RAM. 

What Are The Pros Of All-In-One PCs?

  • Easy setup: An all-in-one desktop may be a good choice for computer amateurs as it requires minimal hardware setup before first use. You will most likely need to connect only your keyboard and mouse.
  • Space efficiency: All-in-one computers are very compact, which makes them a great choice for people with limited living or work space.
  • Portability: These computers are very easy to transport or move from one location to another. Since all system components are built-in, there are no cables to disconnect and individual pieces to pack and transport.

What Are The Drawbacks Of All-In-One PCs?

  • All-in-one PCs may have weaker performance than their standard counterparts. With the limitations of having to fit all components into one case, size takes precedence over performance.
  • These computers come with limited upgrade options due to their system architecture. Additionally, the skill level needed to perform upgrades is higher and you will most likely be better off finding a professional to complete those.
  • If certain components such as the monitor fail, you may end up having to replace the entire computer since the damaged component may not be repairable. 

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