Know More About ATI 128MB Computer Graphics Video Cards

ATI was a manufacturer of GPUs and chipsets founded in 1985 and was acquired by AMD. A video card is attached to your motherboard and allows your computer to convert data into images displayed on your monitor. When selecting a video card, you have different options and styles available.

How do you select a GPU card?
  • Locate computer information: You will want to know the model of your motherboard so that you can select a graphics card that is compatible with your PC.
  • Choose a chipset: This will be the main component of the video card, and it determines how well the PC can convert images on the screen.
  • Select a brand and model: ATI Technologies have a variety of models available for your computer if you choose to use OEM equipment. There are also other brands that use ATI GPUs.
  • Choose a connection: You will want to review your monitor or television to see what type of connection it has. Some GPUs will have multiple connectors.
  • Select a memory type: There are several models that have 128MB of video RAM on the video card. The RAM type will determine the speed of the onboard RAM.
What is the difference between integrated and discrete graphics cards?

An integrated video card will be a part of your PC's existing motherboard. The graphics chip and other components are soldered to the plastic of the motherboard. A discrete graphics card is a separate component that is inserted into one of the sockets on the motherboard. Some discrete cards will also connect to the power supply unit.

What types of graphics cards are available?
  • PCI: Most motherboards have a PCI slot that allows you to add a video card. This type will be inserted into the slot.
  • AGP: This type will also fit into its named slot. This style has speeds of 1x, 2x, 4x, and up to 8x.
  • PCI-Express: This slot is smaller than a standard PCI. It can support speeds of up to 16x.
What are the different parts of a graphics card?
  • Graphics processor chip: This component will control the resolution and the color depth of the images that will appear on the screen.
  • Connectors: This component will be exposed to the outside of the case. This is the part in which the video cables from the monitor will connect.
  • Video memory: The memory is used by the processor chip for performing the calculations needed to display the images instead of using the RAM on the motherboard.
What types of cooling options are available?
  • Passive: This style will have heatsinks that move the heat away from the processing unit. This type requires no additional power and uses the case fans in the PC to cool the fins.
  • Fans: Some models will have one or more fans mounted onto the heatsink to provide additional cooling.
  • Liquid cooling: This type will have a radiator and rubber tubing that is filled with coolant.