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Everything You Need to Know About AVerMedia TV Tuners

If you want to receive an over-the-air, cable, or satellite signal on your computer or PC-based home theater, the internal and external TV tuners from AVerMedia are an option. The AVerTV line ranges from ultra-portable to complex input/output arrays and is suitable whether you're watching on a monitor or HDTV.

Whats an AVerMedia TV tuner?

An AVerMedia TV tuner is similar to the tuner inside any TV but is designed so that it can be connected to a computer, which can then receive and process TV signals. Usually, a fundamental difference between a monitor and a TV is that the monitor lacks a tuner, and this product bridges that gap. This brand makes both internal and external tuners of different types, including:

  • Analog: Output a raw video stream that requires additional processing for recording
  • Digital: Output a HD digital stream that can be recorded immediately
  • Hybrid: Can act as either an analog or digital tuner but not at the same time
  • Combo: Have both distinct analog and digital tuners for simultaneous function
What features are available on AVerMedia tuners?

Most AVerTV tuners also have a radio tuner onboard, which lets you listen to both FM and AM radio stations. These products also have scan functionality in order to discover what channels are available. Other common features include:

  • Video capture
  • Remote sensors
  • Onboard sound cards
  • Antenna connections
How do you connect these tuners to a computer?

This depends on whether your AVerMedia TV tuner is external or internal. The external units often connect via USB but can connect via other inputs as well, including composite, component, and S-Video. The internal TV tuners are PC component cards and will connect to your motherboard either via PCI or PCIe. In the case of PCIe, these products usually only require a x1 slot.

Which outputs are available?

Outputs vary from one AVerTV model to the next, and the number and variety of available outputs is usually dictated by the size of the device. Some models, such as the Volar Hybrid Q, are intended to be portable and have no outputs at all. Youd use the outputs on your computer instead. For models that do have outputs, these often include:

  • RCA
  • VGA
  • HDMI
  • S-Video
  • DisplayPort
Do these tuners support remote controls?

Note that these devices can be controlled through a TV or other home theater equipment to which theyre connected. If you want to control the tuner directly with a remote, you can do that, but there are different configurations. The AVerTV H27, for instance, has an IR sensor and includes a remote, but the Volar Hybrid Q just has the sensor so you have to purchase a remote separately. If you have a model that lacks an IR sensor, you can purchase an IR dongle separately to add that feature.