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Affliction Men's T-Shirts

Affliction clothing offers apparel for men and women and has manufacturing facilities in Los Angeles, Mexico, and China. Their Affliction menu001as T-shirts have heavy graphics and are available in both short sleeves and long sleeves. Taking a few things into account will help you decide which Affliction designs will work for you.

What are Affliction T-shirts designs?

Affliction is an American clothing company that makes shirts featuring design elements inspired by American rock and roll, and motorcycle culture. Some of the designs on their T-shirts include:

  • Skulls and bones
  • Eagles and wings
  • Flags, fleur de lis, and gothic crosses

What colors do Affliction shirts come in?

The shirts have backgrounds of many colors and patterns including:

  • Black, white, gray, orange, and blue
  • Tie-dye
  • Camouflage
  • Monochrome or multicolor design elements
  • Slogans including \"Faster than death,\" \"Ride to live, live to ride,\" and \"Born free.\" They also have the brand name in various fonts.

What styles of T-shirts are available?

The following are a few of the companyu001as shirt styles:

  • An orange shirt with black and brown graphics features a large cross with gold foil embellishments on the front and back.
  • The thermal hoodie T-shirt from the MMA Elite series features a layered look with a graphic T-shirt over long black sleeves and a black hood.
  • A long-sleeve gray T-shirt from the Archaic series has a large fleur de lis on the front, and matching design elements on both shoulders and the back.
  • A red shirt from the Cathedral series features twin white dragons on the sides and the brand name in stylish font across the left shoulder.
  • A gray tie-dye shirt from the unique Xtreme Couture series features a bold cross and muscle tissue graphics across the chest and shoulders.

How do you pick an Affliction T-shirt?

In addition, American-made Affliction shirts start with 100% cotton, and come in several cuts and sizes.

  • Crew and V-neck
  • Hoodies
  • Sizes small to extra large
  • Get the right fit; short sleeves should fall in the middle of the bicep, the bottom of the shirt should be below your belt by only a few inches, and the torso should be slightly tailored to your body.
  • Choose 100% cotton.
  • Check for secure seams and hems.
  • Decide on crew or V-neck. Crew necks present a square look, while V-necks give an elongated appearance.
  • Note the product's origin if you prefer to support American companies.