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Alden Dress Shoes for Men

Alden Shoe Company has been producing men’s shoes in New England since 1884. They offer shoes across several categories of classic styles.

What styles of men’s dress shoes does Alden offer?

The styles from which you can choose are the following:

  • Oxfords: This classic style is defined by having closed lacing. The wing tip, straight tip, and plain toe are all examples of Oxfords.
  • Tassel moccasins: This moccasin style is a slip-on shoe with two tassels over the vamp.
  • Slip-on: These Alden shoes are the classic penny loafer.
  • Dress casuals: This Alden line features shoes that are designed for a wide variety of situations, from business meetings to casual gatherings. It includes blucher styles that may have suede uppers or soles with significant tread.
What features do Alden shoes for men offer?

Every Alden shoe has leather linings and shanks made of tempered steel for additional support and longer wearability.

The insoles of Alden shoes are constructed of heavyweight leather that allow your feet to breathe and are long-wearing. As Alden shoes are worn they will conform to the shape of your foot over time. Under the insole is a layer of cork for added comfort.

The uppers of many Alden shoes are made from specialized materials. One example is aniline calfskin, which is made with a dyeing process that leaves the grain visible. Only skins that are nearly unblemished are considered for this finish. Other models of shoe are made from kid or calf suede. Genuine shell cordovan is used for a number of Alden styles.

The outsoles of Alden shoes are finished with carnauba wax and the heels are made of rubber with leather inserts.

What are the differences between Alden shoe lasts?

The last is the wooden framework that determines the underlying shape of the footwear. Alden uses lasts that vary along three dimensions. One dimension is width. It is possible to find Alden shoes as narrow as AA or as wide as EEEE, although most models come in a limited range.

The second dimension is the shape of the toe box. The shape ranges from a pointed toe through a soft, squared-off toe to a rounded toe. Finally, the lasts vary in regard to the overall volume of the shoe.

What is shell cordovan?

This is a very high-quality leather that is known to be durable and crease-resistant. It is produced through a six-month process that includes hand finishing. Vegetable-tanning products are used on the leather to yield a soft, flexible, strong material.

Alden offers at least one shell cordovan option in each basic style. You can choose an oxford, slip-on, moccasin, or monk strap oxford made from this material. The two standard colors that are available are black and a deep burgundy known as “Color 8.” Other colors may be offered depending on the model.

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