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Shooting Cinema-Quality With Angenieux Zoom Camera Lenses

Angenieux is a top-grade manufacturer of cinema lenses for the broadcast and film industries. The company prides itself on offering superior optics and glass design that is state of the art. While many amateur photographers are content with more conventional models of lenses, like Nikon and Canon, many professionals prefer Angenieux due to its reputation as a film industry provider. You can find a wide variety of Angenieux products, as well as many cameras including DSLR, SLR, and mirrorless systems, on eBay available from a variety of sellers.

What is Angenieux?

Angenieux provides a large range of products and accessories in many camera and film-related industries, as well as infrared goggles, high-precision modules, and drone technology.

  • Angenieux is a leader in the optics industry with products even used by NASA and other high-achieving organizations.
  • Pierre Angenieux, a French engineer and optician, started the company. This man was actually one of the first people to invent a camera zoom lens, making the decision to purchase an Angenieux zoom lens even more compelling.

Which Types of Lenses Does Angenieux Make?

This company provides a very unique range of zoom lenses that are suitable for both mid-range photography and top-quality productions. Angenieux designs these lenses for cinematic productions, meaning they have top-quality standards and optical equipment in mind.

  • All of its cine zoom lenses offer a lightning-fast T-stop that extends throughout the zoom range, as well as technology that enables precise manual focusing.
  • Many top cinematographers throughout the world use its zoom lenses, especially its Optimo models, due to their superior mechanics, consistent performance, and industry-leading standards.

Which Zoom Lens Should I Buy?

Angenieux divides its zoom lenses into several collections, each with its own area of specialization. The lenses offer a range of aperture and focal length choices, and the company also offers prime lenses for those who need a fixed focal length, and wide-angle options for those who like to get up close and personal.

  • The Angenieux Optimo Anamorphic collection offers lenses that create a traditional 2x squeeze, which, combined with controlled background and a pleasing dimensional foreground, makes for truly breathtaking picture quality. The Optimo Anamorphic 44-440 A2S is one such lens from this collection.
  • The Angenieux Optimo Style Spherical collection is for those who want the maximum quality possible out of a lens. These lenses are suitable for 4K quality, making them incredibly high-end choices. There are three compact lightweight zoom models in this collection, perfect for compact cameras, and one with a maximum optical zoom of 10x.
  • The Type EZ collection features two models designed to fill the gap between normal photographer and professional cinematographer. These models are convenient and portable, making them very popular options. The two lenses are the Angenieux EZ-1 S35, which has a focal range of 30-90mm, and the Type EZ-1 FF/VistaVision, which has a focal range of 45-135mm.