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Aprilaire Humidifiers

Humidifiers such as an Aprilaire humidifier release moisture back into your living space, which can make your home feel more comfortable and ease your breathing in dryer climates. Using a humidifier may also have some added health benefits for those who are frequently ill from allergies or the flu.

What types of humidifiers are there?

There are five main types of humidifiers from Aprilaire to consider:

  • Cool mist: This device adds moisture into the house through natural evaporation. It uses a filter to absorb water from the reservoir and then blows dry air from the room over it, adding moisture back where it is needed.
  • Warm mist: These devices have a heating element inside that boils water to create steam. The steam is then released. These devices run quietly and do not need to have the wick replaced.
  • Ultrasonic humidifiers: These Aprilaire humidifiers are relatively quiet. Water is broken down into an ultra-fine vapor mist through high-frequency sound waves.
  • Front fill: These have reservoirs or tanks that release moisture.
  • Whole house: These appliances from Aprilaire increase humidity in the entire home. These humidifiers may help keep allergies in check and also may help to reduce your chances of catching a flu virus.

What are some benefits to using humidifiers?

Using an appliance to increase the level of humidity may provide some benefits in two main areas:

  • Your health: When the inside of your home feels overly dry, it may make you feel uncomfortable or even sick while breathing. In fact, increasing the humidity in your home may help relieve the symptoms of sinusitis, prevent nosebleeds, or help keep your throat moist at night to help prevent snoring.
  • Your home: When you turn on the furnace, your home can dry out as all of the moisture is sucked away Restoring the moisture in your home's air can help in making it feel more comfortable.

What steps should you take when looking for a humidifier?

When looking for a humidifying appliance, you may want to consider:

  • Available room space: If you only need to increase humidity in one room or one part of the home, a small, portable humidifier may be enough to increase your comfort levels. If you want to increase humidity levels in the whole house, a whole house appliance that is compatible with your furnace may be an option.
  • Controls and settings: Whole-house appliances may have a humidistat that allows you to control the level of humidity released into the air. Smaller models may have dials, knobs, or buttons.
  • Maintenance: These types of appliances may have some small amount of maintenance required. You may have to refill the reservoir and occasionally replace the filters as needed, depending on the model of the humidifier.