Automotive Ice Scrapers & Snow Brushes

Automotive Ice Scrapers & Snow Brushes

When winter storms hit, drivers have to plan extra time for travel, not to mention the time it takes to clean the snow and ice off the car. A scraper and snow brush can speed up this process getting the driver on the road faster. These products are easy to use, do not damage the glass, and are convenient to store in the car.

What is the difference between an ice scraper and snow brush?

A snow brush helps drivers remove snow from their vehicles. It consists of about three rows of soft plastic bristles attached to a handle that is long enough to push snow off vehicle. A scraper has a plastic blade connected to a handle that drivers use to remove ice from a vehicles windshield and windows. Often, these are combined into a single tool, snow brush on one end and scraper on the other.

What are some features of ice scrapers?

Small models are roughly ten inches in length, just long enough to fit into a hand. These are most useful in areas that get more ice than snow and easily fit in a glove box or under the seat. Other scrapers are larger with a handle length anywhere from two to four feet. These usually have a blade on one end with a snow brush on the other. Some features of ice scrapers are detailed below.

  • Telescoping style: Scrapers with long handle lengths often are adjustable. The handle consists of separate rods, one inside the other, that can extend out and lock in place by twisting.
  • Gloved handle: This design provides extra protection against the cold as the handle is actually built into a bulky glove.
  • Squeegee: Double-sided styles have a blade pointing one direction and a squeegee facing the other on one end, still with the snow brush on the opposite end. This is useful for slushy snow and ice combinations.
  • Rubber grip: Regardless of the handle length, most scrapers and snow brushes have a section of the handle covered in rubber to help the driver hold onto the tool and scrape at different angles with enough force to clear the window.
What are some features of heated ice scrapers?

With an approximately 15-foot cord, heated ice scrapers attach to the cars cigarette lighter or 12-volt outlet. These save time and energy as there is no actual scraping involved. The heating element melts the ice and snow as the user simply moves the device along the glass surface.

Do ice scrapers damage car windows?

While they can cause scratches when used on other parts of the car, ice scrapers are specifically designed to safely scrape the ice without hurting the windows and windshield. On many scraper models, the blade has a slight curve to it, similar to that of the window, to help remove all of the ice and snow.