Automotive Mitts, Bonnets & Buffing Pads

Automotive Mitts, Bonnets, and Buffing Pads

In order to keep cars looking shiny, they must be polished or buffed from time to time. A coat of wax is essential to protect the vehicle and remove scratches and imperfections. It is important to be knowledgeable about the available products, such as wool and foam pads, in order to choose the correct ones for your individual needs, which include machine options as well as those you use manually with your hands.

What color buffing pads should you use?

Car buffers come in many different colors, each one for different uses.

  • Purple, yellow, or orange can be used to apply compounds and swirl removers to the car.
  • White or green can be used to apply polishes, pre-wax cleaners, cleaner waxes, and swirl removers.
  • Gray, blue, red, or gold can be used to apply waxes, pre-wax cleaners, sealers and glazes, and liquid waxes.
How should you clean buffing pads?

To clean pads, use a pad cleaner spray. Spray it directly on the pad, and scrub it with a firm-bristled brush. After removing all signs of dirt particles, rinse thoroughly with warm water and allow to air-dry for several hours.

Can you attach a buffing pad to a polisher?

Yes, the pad should be attached to the polisher with a disc called a backing plate. There is a threaded arbor that will attach to the spindle, and velcro to attach to the pad.

Why are buffing pads beneficial?

Buffing pads apply polishing compound efficiently to the finish of the car to remove any defects that there may be. When using a pad instead of a towel, the polish is more evenly applied, creating a smoother finish. They also hold the abrasives in the polishing compound more firmly against the surface of the car. Pads reduce the number of scratches that may occur with manual polishing. Overall, they provide a more even finish, reducing imperfections on the body of the vehicle.

How can buffing pads be cared for and stored?

In order to extend their life, automotive buffing materials should be kept as clean as possible during use. When buffing a vehicle, clean the pads regularly to remove dirt and impurities that can cause permanent damage. Always keep them as dry as possible to prevent the growth of mold or mildew. When leaving them to dry, put them on their face or side until all wetness is gone. Store them in open plastic-zipper bags. This protects them from dust and dirt, making them last longer.