Automotive Power Polishers

Automotive Power Polisher

Power polishers can polish anything from automobiles and jewelry to terrazzo tiles. They are also used to seal granite counter tops. It is important to know the different types that are available and understand how each works.

What are the different types of power polishers?

There are different types available. These types are differentiated by the purpose and size. They include:

  • Handheld rotary- These are small in size and are very light. The weight and size make it very easy to carry them around. They have small motors or pneumatics that work by forcing compressed gas. The handheld rotary devices are used for polishing ornaments, jewelry, and wood. They use rasps or polishing wheels. Rasps are cone-shaped metal bars that use sharp scales to remove materials in the same way handheld files would scrape off materials. On the other hand, polishing wheels are disc-shaped attachments that are used to remove imperfections while rotating at various speeds set by the users.
  • Angle grinder-This is a versatile device that is also held in the hand. It has a circular disc. You need two hands to operate it in order to ensure a high level of accuracy. The disc sits at an angle that is perpendicular to its body. It also has small openings because the abrasives can cause the surface of the object to deteriorate. The sizes of the angle grinder range from 3 to 10 inches. These options give the user a chance to cover a large area quickly and also polish the smaller areas carefully.
  • Bench grinder- These polishers remain stationary while working. It spins at a perpendicular angle to polish the surface of the object. The user is expected to hold the object in position and move it around during the polishing process as opposed to handling the polisher. The bench grinder is mounted on a workbench. This type of polisher is better for large objects. It is used by professionals to smooth harsh edges and apply polishing compounds at the end of a project.
What factors do you consider when choosing a power polisher?
  • Speed- Look for a polisher that will work well for your purpose. Different functions require different speeds. Large objects require a product with a high speed.
  • Vibration- Products that are powered by electricity vibrate a lot. Ensure that you get a device that does not vibrate a lot as this will lead to uneven application on the working surface.
  • Hand control- There are devices which require both hands to control. It is essential to check the usability of the product so that you can tell which one to choose. Some of these products are designed to favor right-handed people while others are meant to be used by left-handed people.
  • Weight- The weight will affect your control of the device. If it is too heavy, you might find it difficult to handle.