Automotive Wash, Wax & Cleaning Kits

Automotive Wash, Wax, and Cleaning Kits

Cars, trucks, vans, and other automobiles are important investments. To keep your cars exterior in top condition, there are wash, wax, and cleaning kits and car polishes available. Washing away road dust, pollen, mud, grime, and bird and bug debris will keep your car in prime condition.

How are car wax and car polish different?

Car wax is a product made up primarily of Carnauba and is used after your car has been washed with a product such as Prolong Waterless Wash and Shine. This is an important first step to clean road grime, dead bugs, and bird droppings off the surface of your cars exterior before applying wax. Once your car has dried, auto wax, such as Turtle Wax, is applied to the cars exterior, allowed to cure for a specified period of time, and then buffed off with a soft, non-abrasive cloth to create a glossy, buffed coating that offers protection to your cars exterior. Car polish differs from car wax in that this product is designed to target small, cosmetic surface scratches in your cars paint job or other small imperfections. Car polish is applied directly to the scratched areas, not to the entire exterior of the car.

What cleaner do you use to remove road tar?

Removing tar and stubborn tree sap or dead bugs from the exterior paint of your vehicle requires a special product designed to remove tar safely from your car. Try products like Goo Gone Automotive Cleaner Spray Gel, Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Remover, and other spray products that penetrate the stains and allow you to safely buff the tar off with an soft cloth.

How often should you wash and wax your car?

Washing and waxing your cars exterior are two distinct tasks with separate purposes. Washing the exterior of your car removes dirt, grime, and other organic matter from the surface of the car as well as from the windows. Depending on your vehicle usage and purpose, you may need to use a liquid car wash to clean your vehicles exterior on a weekly to bi-weekly basis. Waxing your car both improves the appearance of your cars paint job, adding a glossy shine, and offers a layer of protection from dirt, pollen, and nature. Your vehicles exterior should be waxed and buffed every three months or, at a minimum, twice a year.

How long should you wait before waxing repainted cars?

Automobiles direct from the factory have exterior paint that has had the appropriate amount of time for curing. However, if your vehicle has surfaces that have been repainted, like a complete exterior paint job or a smaller area that has undergone body work and repair, it will take up to 90 days for your exterior to fully cure. During that time, you will need to wash it more frequently than normal in order to flush out any dirt, dust, or pollen from the paint that is still relatively uncured and susceptible to contaminants. Always use a pH-balanced car wash product, like Meguiars Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo.