Automotive Waxes & Polishes

Automotive Waxes and Polishes

Automotive waxes and car polishes are products designed to restore the look of a vehicle’s exterior. These products come in different consistencies and types that are made for various jobs. With the right products, you can simultaneously restore shine and remove grime from your car and have it looking brand new in no time.

Are all waxes suitable for all automobiles?

With such a wide variety of car care products out there, it is important to identify which products are specifically made for the task at hand.

  • Paste: Paste products are opaque and have a thick consistency, so you can make sure you never miss a spot. Paste wax often comes in different colors to match the paint on your vehicle.
  • Liquid: Liquid products are a great choice for less-experienced car cleaners. Simply apply the product to a dry microfiber cloth and use it to gently buff the car’s surface.
  • Spray: Although spray products are often used by professionals with commercial-grade sprayers, they also come in bottles that you can easily use at home. As with any similar household cleaning spray, just spray the surface of your car and buff it off with a soft microfiber cloth.
Are there different types of polishes?

Using car polish is an important part of any cleaning job. It helps restore the original shine of your paint and can mask the appearance of a minor scratch. A cleansing lotion has a thicker consistency and is easy to use. Other products act like a base coat that you can use with your favorite wax. Youll also find sealants that create a sealed coat on the top of the car to keep it safe and clean. Car polish manufacturers make products designed for auto repairs too. Simply apply a small amount to a scratch and rub it into place to hide the damage.

What are some brands and manufacturers to consider?

There are numerous car care brands worth taking a look at for both polish and wax. Turtle Wax is one of the oldest car care companies. 3M, Chemical Guys, Mothers, and Meguiar’s all make quality car care products as well.

Will you need any other supplies for polishing and waxing?

Brushes are available to help you remove leaves from your undercarriage and clean off your tires and wheel wells when preparing your car for cleaning and polishing. Also, using a soft microfiber cloth or buffing pad will give your car a shine that will make it look brand new.