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Becca Swimwear for Women

Becca Swimwear comes in all different styles and designs, which incorporate both one and two piece options. Different materials are utilized to maintain modesty while allowing full range of motion and style.

What one-piece styles are available?

One-piece suits are available in a variety of styles. Most offer moderate coverage through the rear and hip areas. Most suits are a single color ranging from light pastels to bold hues. Bathing suit embellishments range from bows to ties to ruffles to a sleek, simple silhouette.

Scoop necks, V-necks, spaghetti straps, and halter styles offer a wide range of options for women who prefer one-piece suits. Some collections focus on specific patterns and prints of swimwear, including florals, geometrics, and paisley prints. Other collections focus instead on the use of the suit, such as an aerodynamic line for racing purposes.

What ladies two-piece styles are available?

Two piece styles such as bikinis are available for ladies specifically in the Rebecca Virtue collection. Bikinis vary widely in shape, coverage, and silhouette. Some have keyhole necklines to create interest, while others utilize back closures like lace-up patterns ending in bows. Contrasting color ruffles, embroidery, and tassels are a few of the different details present on Becca bikinis. Some styles are reversible for versatility.

What materials is Rebecca Virtue Swimwear made from?

Becca Swimwear by Rebecca Virtue is made primarily from synthetic and polyester blends, lined with sleek but substantial material to prevent any transparency. Spandex and elastic are present in substantial quantities to provide comfortable stretch that wont restrict range of motion. Some styles may also include cotton embroidery, tassels, or other details exclusive of the main fabrics.

What are care tips for Rebecca Virtue garments?

After swimming in salt, fresh, or chlorine treated water, rinse Rebecca Virtue swimsuits thoroughly. Most suits are machine washable on a cool, gentle cycle. However, you may choose to hand wash your swimsuit to avoid any fabric distortion. The manufacturer recommends hanging suits to dry to keep the suit in like-new condition. Its important to avoid any bleach or harsh chemicals to protect the suits color and material, and you dont need to iron a Rebecca Virtue swimsuit.

What sizes is Rebecca Virtue swim apparel available in?

Becca swimsuits are typically available in U.S. ladies sizes extra-small, small, medium, and large. Some styles may be available in larger or smaller sizes. Specialty sizing for women with long torsos, large bust sizes, and plus sizing is also available.

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