Express Your Creative Side With BOMBERG Watches

The BOMBERG brand stands for creativity, leadership, and individuality. The watchmaker is a proponent of the tattoo and frequently uses models with tattoos in its campaign material. These watches come with large, bold faces that are sure to please the individualist.

What versions does the Bolt-68 come in?

The Bolt-68 comes in several models. Among them are the regular Bolt-68, the Bolt-68 Racing, and the Bolt-68 Heritage. The regular Bolt-68 has several versions, including the Maya version with unique South American drawings on the face. The regular Bolt-68 also has Pirate and Gambler special editions. The Pirate has a pirate with a scarf on it, while the Gambler edition has a roulette wheel decoration. The Gambler edition is a chronograph.

The Bolt-68 Racing version is a 45-millimeter watch with a perforated silicone strap. Collectors can convert this watch to a metal bracelet, though the bracelet is purchased separately. There are many colorful versions of this watch which are meant to be nationality neutral. They come in color combinations commonly found on flags. This watch is made with Swiss technology using quartz construction inside and sapphire glass with painted brass hands. It is water-resistant to 50 meters.

The Bolt-68 Heritage is a pared-down watch containing chronograph essentials. It is made with quartz and chronograph construction inside. The sapphire glass has an anti-reflective coating. There are a few skull designs for this model, but it also comes in several versions of minimalist black. This watch can also be converted to a metal bracelet.

How many collections does BOMBERG have?

There are at least eight collections of BOMBERG watches, including the women's watches. These collectible watches are occasionally released as online exclusives. These watches are meant to be worn or used on a fabric or silicone strap, on a chain, a metal bracelet, or set up as a desk clock. The all-in-one design creates a versatile product that reduces the need to purchase more items in favor of one high-quality item.

The collections include three versions of the Bolt-68, three versions of the BB-01, an online exclusive, and a BB-68.

There is a women's version of the BB-01.

How do BOMBERG watches compare to LIV watches and Nektom watches?

BOMBERG watches are collectibles. LIV and Nektom watches can also be collected, but they more affordable options for those who may not use them for as many years. The Nektom watches are intentionally direct-to-consumer and use less celebrity marketing to compete on price. BOMBERG, LIV, and Nektom watches are all Swiss-made, but Nektom watches are a microbrand that makes limited-edition pieces.

Country Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland
Strap Convertible Convertible Not convertible
Water-Resistant Yes Yes Some models
Collectible Yes Yes, but more for everyday use Yes, but more for everyday use
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