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Beeman Air Rifles

Beeman Air Rifles

Beeman offers a variety of air rifles. Whether you are engaging in hunting, competition, pest control, or just backyard plinking, the Beeman brand could have an air rifle gun for your needs.

Are air rifles from Beeman considered firearms?

Generally, a firearm is a type of projectile weapon using a controlled explosion to "fire" a shot. Since an air rifle from Beeman uses pre-compressed gas or air to propel the projectile, it is not normally considered to be a firearm.

How do Beeman air rifles "power up" for a shot?

Rather than use controlled explosions, pellet rifles use one of the three means of acquiring the power to fire: piston, pneumatic, or compressed air or gas.

  • Piston: The two piston types are spring-piston or gas ram piston. When cocked, a spring-piston compresses and holds a spring coil. When fired, the spring is released and pushes the piston which rapidly compresses air to propel the pellet. Similar to a spring-piston is the gas-ram piston. The cocking action compresses air behind the piston in a sealed tube. When the trigger is pulled, the air forces the piston forward, propelled by the compressed air.
  • Pneumatic: Pneumatic air rifles are the most common, though, and represent both pump and pre-charged mechanisms. Pump air rifles use air compressed by pumping while pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) airguns use compressed air from a tank that is transferred to the rifle using a hose with a built-in pressure gauge. They come with several types of scopes.
  • Compressed: There are also CO2 rifles, which are powered by small, charged tubes of CO2. These tubes are often single-use and disposable.
What calibers are used in air rifles from Beeman?

Beeman offers an enormous selection of air rifles in two calibers .177 and .22. The smaller caliber, .177, is used for both hunting and target shooting. The larger caliber, .22, is used almost exclusively for hunting. Some .177 caliber, 4.5 mm, airguns have an internal mechanism that allows them to hold and shoot commercial BBs, which are 4.4 mm and therefore slightly smaller than pellets.

What animals are hunted with Beeman air rifles?

Beeman air rifles are used for pest control on mice, rats and snakes; predator control against foxes, weasels, and minks; for hunting small game, such as possums, rabbits, raccoons; and for hunting squirrels and birds as big as ducks and geese.

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