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Find Fun in Betsey Johnson Watches for Women

Betsey Johnson is known as much for her signature cartwheel and splits as her fun and fresh fashion for women. Her eclectic style translates well into her line of Betsey Johnson watches.

When did the Betsey Johnson line of watches launch?

The Betsey Johnson fashion label launched in 1978. The clothing line is ready-to-wear aimed for women and teens. Occasionally, the fashion label included a watch in its line of accessories, but it was not a major focus. Steve Madden bought the brand in 2010. It wasn't until 2012 when a full line of watches came out. Haskell Jewels, in a licensing partnership with the Betsey Johnson brand, creates the watches. Betsey Johnson watches come in over 100 styles in tons of color palettes with a range of time-keeping mechanics and features.

What are some common characteristics of a Betsey Johnson watch?

While Betsey Johnson watches come in a huge range of sizes and motifs, there are a couple of characteristics that are repeated often. Namely, many watches feature large watch faces and include the color pink.

In general, most of the cases on women's watches range from 26 to 29 millimeters, and men's watch cases range from 40 to 42 millimeters. However, Betsey Johnson watches frequently top 40 millimeters, and some reach 44 millimeters or more.

The second common characteristic is the color: pink. Almost every Betsey Johnson watch will feature at least a bit of pink. Some watches may simply sport a very pale pink face that is almost white. Other watches will merely have a pink dot on the winding mechanism. However, the majority of watches celebrate the color pink, sometimes including dozens of different shades of the feminine color in a single watch face.

What are some features on Betsey Johnson watches for women?

The range of features on Betsey Johnson watches is as varied as Betsey Johnson herself. Things like cats and sugar skulls are common motifs. A few features you can look for include:

  • Dial style: Many of the dials feature large, easy-to-read Arabic numerals. However, the watch line also includes watches with unusual hour marks as well as Roman numerals.
  • Water resistance: Many Betsey Johnson watches carry a water-resistant rating of 30 meters. However, some watches may be resistant up to 300 meters or not at all.
  • Movement: Betsey Johnson watches include both quartz and mechanical movements.
Moving Crystals Rose Gold Watch Sugar Skull Crystal Bezel Watch Silver Pulling Together Watch
Water resistance 30 meters 30 meters 30 meters
Hour marks Mixed numerals and bars in rose gold tone Crystal dots None
Movement Quartz Quartz Quartz
Embellishment Floating rhinestones Sugar skull on dial Crystal-studded bezel and glitter effect accented minute and hour hands
Closure Buckle Buckle Magnetic buckle
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