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Betsey Johnson Women's Dresses

Betsey Johnson offers clothes, shoes, jewelry, and accessories for women. She emphasizes bright, floral, and unconventional designs in her clothes. Betsey Johnson women’s dresses come in florals, bold colors, or pastels.

What are the different characteristics of Betsey Johnson dresses?

Betsey Johnson has been making women's clothes for decades, so there are many different styles of dresses available. Here are some common elements that exist in many Betsey Johnson pieces:

  • Length: Many dresses are roughly the same length, but a variety of styles are embodied with Betsey Johnson dresses. Most dresses are short and knee-length. This means the brand produces many cocktail dresses, midi dresses, and sheath dresses.
  • Bright colors and floral prints: Summer dresses from Betsey Johnson feature spring and summer colors and make liberal use of floral images. The kinds of floral dresses she offers with yellows, pinks, blues, and purples is versatile. There are floral strapless options, slips, sheath dresses, stretch dresses, and more. An example is the For The Frill of It dress.
  • Style: Betsey Johnson’s numerous dresses range from an everyday sheath dress to more formal fare. You can find short dresses, flared knee-length dresses, or body-hugging options. The wide selection offers dresses like the High Low Dotted Blush Wrap dress, the Velvet Vixen dress, and the Clearly The Cutest dress.
  • Lace: Whether making a simple floral slip or an elaborate party dress, many Betsey Johnson dresses include lace. Her lace dresses are often intricate and delicate. These items often have bright colors and floral elements, too. In addition to lace, Betsey Johnson dresses may also include tulle, ruffles, pleats, and plaid. An example is the Petal Pusher Overlay dress.
  • Polka dots: Another element found in many of Betsy Johnson dresses for women are polka dots. Whether a cocktail dress or a sheath dress, you can find one with polka dots. Virtually every style and size of dots are featured from small to large in all colors. They sometimes appear on the entire dress or are paired with a solid-colored top or skirt.
What type of sleeves do Betsey Johnson dresses have?

A Betsey Johnson dress can be long sleeved, sleeveless, or off the shoulders. The Shoulder Tea Length dress is an example. In addition to the sheath dress, her more elaborate designs may come with sleeves. Many of her dresses have capped or short sleeves and spaghetti straps are also an option. Some dresses have corset or halter tops that are sleeveless. There are also cocktail dresses with 3/4 length sleeves and vintage dresses with full sleeves.