Bill Elliott NASCAR Fan Apparel and Souvenirs

Bill Elliott, also known as “Wild Bill” and “Awesome Bill from Dawsonville,” will forever be known as a NASCAR sports legend. Even after retirement, he has literally thousands of memorabilia items to mark his tenure in NASCAR. You can find all kinds of souvenirs and official Bill Elliott memorabilia to add to your apparel collection.

  • Shirts and T-shirts: Select from an assortment of Wild Bill shirts that include type, year, and sponsorship. Available themed shirts promote his sponsorship with McDonald’s and Budweiser. Check out shirts with McDonald’s Batman Forever, Retro Budweiser, or Back To Dawsonville. There are a multitude of other T-shirts memorializing his face, name, and life. There are also racing team collared tops of all kinds, including a solid black vintage Budweiser King of Beers polo, a McDonald’s racing team #27, a #9 Dodge NASCAR button-down, and a 1988 Winston Cup Authentic Dodge Signature shirt.
  • Jackets: Find a wide range of Bill Elliott sports jackets. Some sport the themes for #11 Budweiser, #38 MandMs racing jacket, #9 authentic Dodge Racing Team, Coors Motorcraft Ford Thunderbird, stitched Nothing Beats a Bud, and even a McDonald’s Bomber jacket. Buyers may pick their own theme, sponsor, and number.
  • Caps and hats: Choose from several Awesome Bill Classic hat selections, which include some with adjustable backs. Selections include #94 McDonald’s person, Batman Forever, #11 Ford from the 80s, or #9 Coca-Cola. Select items range from new to barely used, and choose free shipping if that is a possibility.
Are there any pictures available?
  • Photos: If you are looking for photo souvenirs, many options are available. You can find 8x10 glossy shots of some of Bill's many auto races. There are official promotional pictures available as well as winner’s circle and even matted, frame-ready pictures of him kissing the bricks at the Brickyard 400.
  • Postcards: If a glossy is not what you are looking for, you might be interested in postcards to add to your collection. Some of the postcards are part of the "Superstars of NASCAR" series with Bill Elliott's autograph.
  • Posters: 24x36 posters featuring Bill Elliott driving his car, celebrating his wins, and shaking hands with fans are also available.
What other types of Elliott sports memorabilia are available?

Take your pick of posters, license plates, pins, buttons, phones, signs, banner flags, and mugs that are part of Bill Elliott's fan collection.

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