Black Costume Gloves

Black costume gloves for adult women and men are critical accessories for many Halloween costumes. But it’s more than that. Many people use black gloves — long and short ones — for cosplay and formal occasions.

What kinds of black costume gloves are there? 

These Halloween accessories come in many shapes and sizes. Black costume gloves are made from various fabrics. There are satin, fishnet, wool, cotton, and leather costume gloves. These should fit adult hands, although women with small hands may fit into costume gloves that are made for children. Since black is one of the most in-demand glove colors, people requiring black hand-wear for Halloween should plan on shopping ahead of time.

What should you look for when buying black costume gloves? 

Fingerless gloves and gauntlets are widely used by cosplayers (think Three Musketeers or Batman). During Halloween, people who dress up as werewolves will look for mittens that are shaped like claws. Some women will need long black costume gloves that extend up to their elbows, while others may need small, possibly fingerless gloves.

While you may be shopping for gloves for a Halloween costume, you’ll also want to have gloves that fit well.

What is the difference between gloves and mittens?

Black costume gloves that you wear in cold weather should have three layers for extra protection. If you feel as if wearing bulky black gloves will ruin the effect of your costume, opt for a heavy pair of mittens to wear over the top of your costume gloves. (Wear them when you're out in the weather.) Then remove the protective mittens once you’re inside. This allows you to show off your black costume gloves when you want to without exposing your hands to the cold.

Gloves have separated fingers while mittens have one big pouch that covers all of the fingers on one hand with a smaller pouch for the thumb. Mittens tend to be warmer than other types of handwear. Wearing a pair of fingerless gloves under mittens provides needed extra warmth while allowing for finger movement. Also, long gloves keep the wrists and arms warm.

Which sports costumes require hand accessories?

Some sports require hand coverings. Tennis players, race car drivers, and rodeo riders all need hand protection. Anyone creating a Halloween costume based on one of these professions will want to find the correct hand accessories for these costumes.