Blue Cotton Background Material

Professional photographers and others who want to take professional-grade photos of their products for sale often turn to cotton background fabric to provide a foundation for images. Blue fabric made from woven or knit cotton is easy to care for, which makes it a wise choice for use with babies, pets, or products that might drip or spill. This choice of color absorbs light, which provides more privacy and reduces glare.

What are the features of blue cotton background fabric?
  • Eliminates reflection: When cotton dyed blue is used for backdrops in photography, it eliminates unwanted reflections from the photographer's lights. It is particularly good at absorbing reflections from tall umbrella lights.
  • Variety of prints and designs: This color of fabric can come in varieties that range in color from light, silvery blue to bluish-green and shades of bright or royal blue, bluish-gray, and indigo. The fabric may be solid, or it could have a print such as stars, waves, or splatters.
  • Resists fading: This color of fabric resists fading from sunlight and artificial light, even if it is exposed to full-spectrum photographic artificial lighting or ultraviolet light from the sun on a daily basis.
What are the uses of cotton background material in blue?
  • Photography and theater backdrops: Cotton fabric and cotton blend background fabric is often used for a backdrop when taking professional portraits. It may also be used for a backdrop when professional photographers or artisans take photographs of objects that will be listed for sale. Theater productions may also use cotton fabric that is dyed this color for backdrop scenery.
  • Tabletop displays: Background fabric may be spread across a flat, horizontal surface such as a table, so you can display items for sale or for decoration.
  • Privacy panels: Background fabric may have grommets on the top, bottom, or both so it can be hung from a portable rack and used for privacy panels. The privacy panels may be combined with a photography backdrop so that light is absorbed from the sides and back of the portrait-taking area. This can also be done for mobile medical screening stations, health fairs, and for interviews.
How do you wash and dry blue cotton background fabric?

A textile that is 100% blue cotton fabric can be spot cleaned if a small area of the fabric has become sullied. If a larger area of the fabric has collected dust, dirt, or residue, it will need to be washed. To wash this textile, use cold water to prevent any of the natural indigo or synthetic dyes from bleeding. Use a color-safe detergent for your cotton fabric. For heavily soiled fabric, put it in the washing machine on a heavy-duty cycle. The cotton fabric can go in a clothes dryer on the highest temperature setting.