Body Moldings & Trims for Mini Cooper

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Mini Cooper Car Truck Exterior Moldings and Trim

The Mini Cooper is known for its distinctive profile that has made it an automotive icon for over half a century. In the event of an accident or damage to your Mini Cooper, you may find it necessary to replace the trim and moldings. You may also wish to upgrade your Mini Cooper with classic or aftermarket trim and moldings.

What are the trim and moldings on a Mini Cooper?

Trim designs are little extras added to a Mini to give it a distinctive style and design, and trim may also be added to give your car extra protection. This may include the bumpers, exterior mirrors, pinstriping, chrome accents, or spoilers. The term can also refer to extras on the interior such as leather seats or wood accents.

The moldings are the pieces that make up the body of the car, like the doors, hood, fenders, and more. These pieces give your Mini its iconic profile and offer protection in the event of a collision.

What trim and molding options are available for Mini Coopers?
  • Pinstripes: These stickers can be placed along the sides of your Mini to give it a sporty design.
  • Mirror covers: You can get mirror covers in the same paint colors as your Mini Cooper, or for a more stylish flair, you can choose between racing checks, the British flag, or other fun prints.
  • Side scuttle: A side scuttle goes on the sides of your car and can add a bit of flair. You may want to get the side scuttles to match your mirrors, as they also come in prints like racing checks and the British flag.
  • Headlight and tail light rims: You can choose from chrome or matte black rims to go around your headlights and tail lights for an added touch of style.
  • Hood scoops: Some Mini Coopers have a hood scoop, which is an area on the hood that takes in air and gives a distinctive style to the Mini. These come in a variety of materials, like carbon fiber and chrome.
  • Doors: You can find any variety of doors for you Mini Cooper. Some Minis have two while others have four, so make sure you are getting the appropriate ones for your model. There are also hatchback doors available.
  • Grille molding: The grill is the front part of your Mini, below the hood. You can choose from chrome, matte black, or other colors to complement your Cooper.
  • PVC: These are all of the plastic pieces on the exterior of your car. You can purchase new PVC to give your Mini a new look.