Brabantia Household Trash Cans & Wastebaskets


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Brabantia Trash Cans and Wastebaskets

While kitchen trash cans and garbage cans may not be particularly appealing, they can help keep your kitchen space clean and debris-free. A Brabantia trash can be made of gleaming or matte black stainless steel or steel-painted colors to complement a kitchen’s decor. If you really don’t want them to be seen, many cans are small enough to be tucked into a cabinet under a sink.

How do you keep the trash cans clean?

It is recommended that garbage and trash cans be cleaned out thoroughly every month. This goes for both the possible insert and the can itself. Take both of them outside, separate them, and hose them down. Take a long-handled scrubbing brush and clean the insides with a germ-killing solution. You can allow your garbage cans to air-dry outside, especially during hot weather. This can help reduce odors and keep your cans looking clean.

What does fingerprint-proof mean?

Fingerprint-proof items are treated with a very thin coat of Teflon or another chemical that resists smudging. Though Brabantia trash cans are often operated by foot pedals or sensors, they do have to be handled now and then to be cleaned or moved around. This coating prevents any fingerprints from being left on the can after being handled.

Can Brabantia kitchen trash cans be used for recycling?

Although single cans can be used for recycling, some come with two inserts that fit together inside the can. This makes it easy to separate items to be recycled from items that go in the trash. Other garbage cans are small enough to fit into a deep kitchen drawer or the pantry to hold different recyclable items.

Are Brabantia trash cans only for the kitchen?

You can put smaller wastebaskets and cans in the bathroom, mudroom, or laundry room. Stylish wastepaper bins are good for the bedroom or the home office. Larger bins can be placed in the garage, the gardening shed, or any other utility area. Some trash cans can even be hung off the ground, saving space and potentially making it easier to take the garbage out. Ideally, hang them near a door to the street so that it is easier to bag the garbage and recyclables and take them out to the curb for pickup.

What is stainless steel?

Stainless steel is a low-carbon steel alloyed with chromium to protect against corrosion and rust. The addition of this metal allows the steel to form a protective film of chrome oxide. Some types of stainless steel are alloyed not just with chromium but molybdenum and nickel, which makes the stainless steel even more rust-proof. Stainless steel also resists pathogens, which makes it ideal for garbage cans. It is attractive, recyclable, and eco-friendly.