Brewing, Distilling & Wine Making Equipment

Beer & Wine Making Supplies

Home-brewing and wine-making are rewarding and interesting hobbies. When you make your beers and wines, you will have total control over the ingredients, flavor, and intensity of each beverage. There is an array of equipment and supplies that you can make use of when crafting your own fine drinks and beverages.

What supplies should a home brewer purchase?

Home brewers can take the time to familiarize themselves with the supplies used to brew beer at home. A few essential supplies include:

  • Boiling pot: The extracts, hops, and other ingredients go into the boiling pot to produce the final product. Most brewers will find success with a 1-gallon or 1.5-gallon pot.
  • Stirring spoon: A long spoon capable of reaching the bottom of the pot is necessary for home brewing. Both plastic and stainless steel spoons are good choices.
  • Strainer: When moving the wort from the boil kettle to the fermenter, running the liquid through a strainer results in a smoother brew.
  • Plastic bucket: The wort must be stored as it ferments. Many beer equipment kits feature plastic buckets as an easy-to-use option.
What kind of equipment is needed for home wine-making?

Once you have located the right equipment, you will be well on your way to creating wine at home. Here are some other wine supplies that will help you produce your favorite blends:

  • Fruit press: A press is used to extract juice from grapes and other fruits during winemaking. Multiple styles are available, but each exerts pressure on the fruit to free the juice.
  • Nylon straining bag: These bags prevent excess sediment from entering your wine. Nylon bags can also be used for brewing in lieu of a metal or plastic strainer.
  • Corks and a corker: If you’ll be using traditional wine bottles, be sure to have several corks on hand. A tool called a corker is used to securely close each bottle.
  • Racking cane: This hard plastic tube is used to move wine from one container to another when bottling.
What ingredients are used for home-brewing and wine-making?

Creating your brews involves several components. Brewers need a starch source, such as barley, that can be converted into sugar and then fermented with brewer’s yeast. Flavorings, including hops, herbs, and spices, add dimension to the beer.

Grapes are the primary ingredient when it comes to winemaking, but there are other substances used to create unique pours. Sugar, potassium sorbate, water, and powdered tannins are all used in winemaking.

Why is bottle sterilization important?

Sanitizing your beverage bottles ensures that each vessel is clean and ready to be filled with your favorite beverage. Carboy brushes and liquid cleansers are both examples of sterilizing tools.

What bottles can you use for beer and wine?

Beverage bottles are available in several shapes, colors, and sizes. The type of beverage served may influence the choice of bottles. For example, champagne is stored in a dark wine bottle to protect its consistency. However, brews without hops can be served in clear bottles.