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Volkswagen Jetta Bumpers

Whether you need to replace a broken bumper on your Volkswagen Jetta or simply want a bumper with a different style, there are many options to choose from. Because changing the front or rear Volkswagen Jetta bumpers may make your vehicle look different, its important that you find the right one.

What is the difference between standard and aftermarket Jetta bumpers?

All Volkswagen Jetta bumpers serve a similar function, which is to protect your vehicle from minor collisions, but they can be different when it comes to material and shape. Standard Volkswagen bumpers look like what the vehicle originally came with. These are sometimes referred to as Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM bumpers. Most are made with a combination of plastic, metal, and carbon fiber. These provide moderate levels of protection for your Jetta and will make your sedan look just like new.

Aftermarket Volkswagen bumpers are available in a variety of materials and shapes as well. For example, they might only be made of metal or use exotic materials, or they may use distinct designs that vary significantly from standard bumpers. They should fit regardless of whether your sedan is manual or automatic, but you should be sure to check the measurements against your vehicle before installing it on your Volkswagen.

What materials are Jetta bumpers available in?

Volkswagen Jetta bumpers come in a variety of materials. While most models have a combination of materials, some Jetta bumpers emphasize one more than the others. Each material has its own benefits.

  • Plastic: This is the most common material, and most are made from an impact-resistant poly resin. This material comes in many colors and requires little effort to install.
  • Aluminum: Another common material, aluminum has some unique benefits not found in other metal bumpers. It is lightweight, easy to recycle, and easy to repair.
  • Steel: Steel Volkswagen bumpers are heavy and resistant to impact. If you want a lighter material, then consider steel alloys.
  • Carbon Fiber: Considered a premium material for Volkswagen bumpers, this is almost exclusively found in aftermarket bumpers. Carbon fiber is lighter than most materials, comes in many colors, and resists impact.
What other important aspects you should consider?
  • Color: Unless you intend on painting it, you should get a bumper that matches the color of your Jetta. Keep in mind that some materials take paint better than others.
  • Front or rear: Make sure that you choose the proper bumper for your replacement needs.
  • Accessories: Bumper guards are extra reinforcements that improve durability. Additional lights may also be available with aftermarket bumper models, especially in the rear.