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Bvlgari Bags & Handbags for Women

A Quick Guide to Bulgari Womens Handbags and Purses

A handbag or purse is the perfect accessory when youre going out for the night. Whether its a clutch, wallet, or a larger handbag, the Bulgari company offers it all. You can find new and used Bulgari womens handbags and purses on eBay.

What features do Bulgari handbags have?

When youre searching for new or used Bulgari handbags on eBay, here are some important features you should consider.

  • Material: Bulgari handbags are made from different kinds of leather, such as calf leather, galuchat leather, karung leather, nappa leather, and even python leather. These leathers are either left in their natural state or dyed into colors like red, black, pink, green, or blue. You can find flashy colors too, like silver and gold.
  • Type: Bulgaris bags range from small clutches, discrete wallets, and different-sized handbags. You can either clutch the bag in your hand, let it dangle from your wrist, or use one of Buglaris longer straps.
  • Color: Bulgaris bags come in colors like black, ivory, red, green, blue, and more. You can also get python handbags that fade from one color into another.
What kinds of Bulgari wallets are available?

Bulgari makes a simple, elegant wallet in either black or white. It is made from calf leather and black nappa. The wallet folds over and closes with a Bulgari closure clip. When flipped open, there is a large pocket, a zippered pocket next to it, and several sleeves that can fit items like credit cards. The white Bulgari wallet is made from white agate bright grain calf leather. The interior is made from berry tourmaline nappa.

Is there a Bulgari Valentine bag?

Yes, Bulgaris Valentine bag is called the Serpenti Forever crossbody bag. It is named the Valentine bag because it has a heart charm dangling from its snake head closure. The snakehead closure gives the bag its formal name: Serpenti Forever. Like most Bulgari handbags, you can find this bag in various colors.

Can you find used Bulgari bags on eBay?

Yes, eBay has a wide selection of used Bulgari bags at affordable prices. In fact, buying a used bag can be a great advantage. You may be able to find Bulgari handbags that are no longer being manufactured by the company. In addition, the used Bulgari handbags on eBay go for much cheaper than a brand-new bag. If youre on a budget, this can save you a lot of money.

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