Use Cable and Pipe Locators to Find Underground Utilities Easily

Cable and pipe locator technology is a highly efficient way to find utilities that are below the surface. eBay hosts several products that may help you locate these underground structures with ease. Understanding how these products work and what types are available might help you find the ones that can meet your needs.

What types of pipe and cable locators are there?

These items may be available to you individually or as part of a set. Most products you can use to locate underground utilities operate with two primary components:

  • Locators - These receivers can pick up radio waves that underground wires emit. You can sweep a receiver over a particular area to search for any utilities that might be present.
  • Transmitters - While receivers pick up signals, a transmitter will discharge its own signal and send it out to a target wire. A transmitter may be able to help you find an otherwise inaccessible line. Note that you may be able to purchase a set from eBay that includes both products.
What are the benefits of these affordable locators?

This technology has several advantages. Some benefits of using these products are:

  • Versatility - Many of these items are designed to locate almost all types of utilities. They should work in most conditions and soils.
  • Portability - Both parts are handheld and easy to carry for most people, and you can take the full set with you in a carrying case.
  • Affordability - The components are intended to be inexpensive enough to be affordable for most small businesses or individual contractors on a budget.
What are some features of cable and pipe locators?

Many of these products have some basic features that should be common to most models. Some features you might find during your eBay search are:

  • Cable scanning - This model can indicate the presence of underground pipes or wiring as you sweep the device over an area.
  • Battery testing - Products with this feature can alert you if their battery power is getting too low for normal operations.
  • Lights - Some items may have built-in lights to illuminate the area during dark conditions.
  • Volume controls - You may be able to adjust the volume of the pings you receive.