Cadillac Car & Truck Wheel Center Caps

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Cadillac Car and Truck Wheel Center Caps

It isn’t difficult to damage or lose the wheel center cap on your car or truck. Whatever the reason, when you need to replace a cap on your Cadillac, you can find a part that fits your vehicle.

Why should you have center caps on your wheels?

Center caps are the finishing touches to give your car or truck a polished look. They integrate with the wheels to give them a smooth appearance, and they add a bit of decoration with the Cadillac emblem. The center caps also help keep dirt and road grime off the hub and wheel bearings. If they are large enough to cover the lug nuts, they can also deter theft of the rims.

Are all Cadillac center caps the same?

There are many different styles, finishes, and sizes of center caps for Cadillac cars and SUVs. Which one you need will depend on the model of your vehicle, its year of manufacture, and the trim package.

To find a matching OEM replacement, you need the part number off the caps you still have. This is found on the back of the part. Have this string of letters and numbers available when you are searching for a new cap.

What are the options for Cadillac center caps?

Size: Most Cadillac caps will be one of five sizes, which are listed in inches: 2.6, 6.5, 6.6, 7.75, or 8.5. The largest size is only for 8-lug wheels that are found on DeVille and DTS hearses and limousines. The 7.75-inch caps are limited to the Escalade. The other three sizes are spread across the rest of the Cadillac family.

Style: All the center caps for this name plate are round. Almost all of them have the Cadillac crest in the center. The crest may be raised or flat. Most caps are made of plastic, but there are a few options in stainless steel.

Color: The center caps for Cadillacs may be a combination of silver, chrome, polished steel, or black. The crest may be silver, chrome, or full-color. Almost every combination of colors and finishes has been used, and you may have a choice, depending on your vehicle.

How do you remove the center caps?

Cadillac uses different attachment methods for different vehicles, so you should check your owner’s manual for removal instructions. Some have a notch between the edge of the cap and the wheel. This type can be detached from the front of the wheel without taking the wheel off. You can use a flat head screwdriver or a special removal tool inserted into the notch to gently pry the cap off.

The other possibility is a style of center cap that must be pushed out from the back. This style requires removal of the wheel. You simply tap the cap out from back to front. Whichever way you remove the cap, putting the new one in is simple. You just place it from the front, and tap it into place.