Your Guide for Selecting Leather Cases for Sony Cameras

A case for your Sony camera provides protection and also offers a convenient way to carry your digital device as you search for a perfect snapshot to shoot. Leather cases for Sony cameras come in a variety of styles and colors.

What styles of cases are available?

Leather cases for Sony cameras are available in a range of options, including the following:

  • Backpacks: This style features two straps connecting the top of the bag to the bottom that can be worn over each shoulder. Some backpack styles also utilize other materials like webbing, plastic, and metallic accents. Typically, webbing can be found in the straps. Plastic helps to cinch or tighten them, and metallic zippers are common options for closures.
  • Shoulder bags: This design provides many of the same elements as a backpack, except that a single, long strap fits over one shoulder rather than both. Shoulder models often have room for the Sony camera and extras as well as personal essentials.
  • Sling bags: These models are similar to shoulder carriers, except they often have a less structured silhouette. Most include one strap to be slung over a shoulder.
  • Compact pouches: These bags fit around the hips and can sit in the front or back of the body. Zipper or Velcro closures may be utilized in addition to leather. Generally, the pouch is sized for the camera alone.
  • Hard cases: This type of case fits around the camera in a variety of shapes. Most have structured sides that form angles around the device.
  • Skins: These cases fit over the camera in a way similar to a silicone phone case, providing a barrier between the camera and the elements.
What are some care tips for Sony Camera leather cases?

These types of cases for Sony cameras can be polished regularly to avoid stains. Apply the polish according to specific directions using a circular motion. Most cases can be wiped down with a wet, soft cloth and dried immediately with another soft cloth.

What colors of cases are available?

These types of cases come in a range of hues, including black, blue, green, orange, pink, red, and brown. Some cases may feature multiple colors at once, while others include embellishments like decals or fringe. Different styles are available in a differing array of colors.

What features are available?

Accessory compartments, extra padding, water-resistant finishes, belt loops, clips, and straps are all available on different models of cases for Sony cameras. Accessory compartments come in different sizes, as do clips and straps to attach camera equipment to the case.

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