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Protect Nikon Cameras With Skins and Armor

Nikon digital camera armor and skins to shield your camera and its lens are offered in a range of different styles and colors. The products offer varying levels of protection and come in different fits; the idea is to cover most of the camera while leaving it fully functional. Construction materials for these camera accessories vary, with silicone, rubber, plastic and other materials available.

How do camera skins, armor, and cases differ?

Although these terms are often used interchangeably, the term case traditionally refers to a cover, often made of a sturdy material like leather, that encases the entire camera for storage or transport. The camera needs to be removed from it when you want to shoot photos. Skins and armor are terms for covers, often lightweight, that protect the camera, and sometimes the lens or lens ring, and can be left on while the camera is in use.

What are some of the different colors and styles offered?

The camera armors and skins available for this brand of camera come in solid colors as well as patterned designs. One example is the easyCover yellow plastic camera case, which is designed to fit over the body of the camera it holds. In addition, patterns like camouflage are available. Camouflage protective skin camera covers feature designs in varying shades of green and brown. Certain camera accessories may be available in multiple colors for the same model. Some rubber body cover cases for the Nikon D3400 camera come in black, brown, green, and yellow. The availability of multiple colors for a particular model varies among product listings. These are some of the solid colors offered:

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Multicolor
What protection does camera armor offer?

The digital camera armor is composed of different materials, with silicone and rubber being the most common. Silicone covers for cameras are designed to be shock- and scratch-resistant. In addition, the material used is designed to retain color over time. Silicone covers are designed to fit cameras tightly for a secure grip and to keep dirt and dust from getting inside the cases.

Does camera armor protect lenses?

Depending on the specific product, lens protection may be a feature. Some armor for S3 Rangefinder cameras includes a piece that covers the lens of the camera it holds. However, some skins and armor for cameras do not feature lens protection when attached to the camera body.