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Buying Guide for Cannon Fishing Downrigger Outrigger Gear

Fishing is a beloved pastime for many. It takes time, patience, and precision to master, however. eBay's broad assortment of Cannon Fishing Downrigger Outrigger gear can take your game to the next level with useful and intuitively designed features.

Features of Cannon Fishing Downrigger Outrigger gear

These new and preowned Cannon Fishing Downrigger Outrigger gear include features and capabilities that make fishing trips more enjoyable and straightforward. Some standouts in eBay's selection include:

  • High-speed retrieve rates: Cannon claims the retrieval rates for its Downriggers exceed the competition by 50%.
  • Mechanical brake systems: Manual control meets automatic simplicity with Cannon's brake systems.
  • Increased control: These downriggers feature clutch systems and spacious spool-housing areas that allow you to position the bait with ease.
  • Professional-grade materials: Cannon uses quality metals and water-resistant plastics in each of its downriggers. Some models even include stainless steel in the mounting areas for increased sturdiness and resilience.
  • Versatile fit: Cannon offers downriggers for boats of all different shapes and sizes.
Are there different models of Cannon Downriggers available?

Yes, Cannon's assortment of models can service many different groups from beginners to seasoned fishing experts. Some of the more widely available models on eBay include:

  • Cannon Lake-Troll Manual Downrigger: This downrigger is Cannon's flagship model. It boasts a fast retrieval rate and plenty of vertical space that are perfect for experienced fisherman and beginners.
  • Cannon Mini-Troll Manual Downrigger: This model is the most compact of Cannon's offerings. While it isn't as powerful in terms of raw numbers as some other models, it has plenty of beginner-friendly features and easy portability.
  • Cannon Uni-Troll STX: This model has precision in mind. It uses a low-profile base connected to a fully mechanical clutch that allows you to customize your line precision, depth, and more.
  • Cannon Magnum 5 ST: This is a heavy-duty option for seasoned fisherman. It has the highest retrieval rate of any of Cannon's offerings, and it also includes a stainless steel mounting base for enhanced durability.
  • Cannon Easi-Troll ST: An excellent fit for small-to-medium-sized boats, this model uses a simplified design that allows you to manually control descent and bait position from the comfort of your boat's deck.
Are individual Cannon Downrigger components available?

Yes, there are many different individual components available in eBay's listings. You can use these parts for restorations, repairs, and more. Some examples of eBay's selection include:

  • Swivel base mounts
  • Tab-locking mechanisms
  • Steel cables
  • Aluminum downrigger pedestals
  • Downrigger covers
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