Covering Cameras with Canvas: Backpack Style

Canvas camera backpacks are available in a variety of styles. A range of colors and features make backpacks appropriate for a diverse audience. Caring for a canvas camera pack appropriately can help to maximize efficiency.

What styles of canvas backpacks are available?

Canvas camera backpacks are available in a variety of different styles, including drawstring, standard, zip-top, and buckle.

  • Drawstring canvas backpacks: These typically have a flap that covers the drawstring with a circular opening at the top. To close the bag, the drawstring is cinched and a fastener slides up near the top of the opening. To open the bag, the drawstring is loosened.
  • Standard backpack styles: These feature a zipper in a crescent shape that zips and unzips the backpack across the top from one side to the other.
  • Zip-top bags: These feature a zipper about halfway down the pack that allows the top half to open away from the bottom, much like a mouth. Both the top and bottom halves have storage. Sometimes, inserts are placed in the bottom half for organization.
  • Buckle-closure canvas camera bags: These have one or two buckles at the top that fasten a flap closed over the top of the bag. Buckle closures can be combined with drawstrings or zip-top bags.
What colors and sizes are available?

These types of camera backpacks come in lots of different colors and sizes, including shades of black, blue, green, orange, pink, and red. Sizes vary based on a particular design. Many backpack camera bags account for cameras plus other photo shooting equipment such as lenses and tripods.

Which features are available?

Accessory compartments, padding, water resistance, straps, and clips are all available in different styles of backpack camera bags. The compartments house odds and ends that pertain to photography as well as personal accessories like wallets, phones, and keys so that you might add your personal effects to a backpack for a trip into the woods to take birding pictures. Padding comes in various thicknesses, as do straps and clips. Some materials are naturally water-resistant while others are not.

What are care tips for these types of camera backpacks?

Caring for a canvas bag depends on the particular style. Refer to the garment tag for important details. If the bag can be machine-washed, you may wish to turn it inside out after emptying its contents. Fasten all closures including the zippers, Velcro, snaps, and buckles so that they do not catch on anything inside the machine. Use cold water and gentle detergent and allow the bag to air dry after it is clean. Avoid using heat to dry or iron the bag.