Chevrolet Car & Truck Wheel Center Caps

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Chevrolet Car and Truck Wheel Center Caps

Since its founding in 1911 in Detroit, the Chevrolet division of GM has been a leading auto and truck manufacturer. Center caps cover wheel hubs and protect wheels, rims, and other car parts from damage due to road grime, mud, sleet, and rocks. Owners and mechanics may choose from many different center caps or covers from OEM makers meeting Chevy standards.

Which center caps are available for Chevy Silverado and Tahoe?

Chevy 2007-2014 Silverado owners may choose center caps with plain, embossed, chrome, and black enamel Chevy logo designs. Look for center caps that fit the size and type of rim on the Silverado or Tahoe. A center cap that will fit a Type 2 18-inch wheel wont fit a 17-inch wheel. Universal chrome, steel, or alloy center caps can be etched with custom designs and are available for Tahoes and Silverados, but additional drilling and tapping may be required for a correct fit.

What kinds of chrome Chevrolet wheel center caps are available?

Chrome wheel center caps for all years, models, and trims of Chevrolet car and truck are available, including classic Chevy trucks and vintage Chevy Camaro or Corvette vehicles. Shop for plain embossed chrome wheel center caps with the bowtie logo or contrasting embossed gold logos on chrome backing. Chrome wheel center caps are available for six-lug and eight-lug wheels, and for large truck 20 to 24-inch wheels.

What are OEM Chevrolet wheel center caps?

OEM or original equipment manufacturer parts are manufactured to Chevrolet or General Motors standards. Direct replacement parts from Chevrolet will be marked "Genuine Chevrolet" and will have serial numbers that indicate which wheel, trim, and year of wheel center they will fit. Replacement, restoration, custom, or specialty wheel center caps may also be able to fit Chevrolet wheels. Owners should look for the words "insurance grade" in aftermarket or unbranded replacement wheel center caps, which means the part will stay on the vehicle during normal driving conditions.

Are there Chevy sport wheel center caps available?

Sport edition wheel center caps may fit larger wheels on modified Chevrolets, from Camaros to Corvettes. Find push-through center caps for alloy wheels. Owners of classic SS Novas, Chevelles, or Camaros can buy reproduction wheel center caps with the Super Sport logo. Camaro Z28 center caps fitting 1982 to 1992 vehicles are available in black metal and chrome with the bowtie logo.

Are single Chevy wheel center caps available?

Owners needing a single replacement wheel center cap for their Chevrolet car or truck can buy one center cap at a time by searching for their cars model year and trim style. Most Chevy center caps come in packs of four, with some options to buy two caps for covering the truck or cars front or rear wheels.