Chevrolet Car and Truck Lights and Indicators

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Chevrolet Car and Truck Lighting and Lamps

When it comes to buying Chevy lights, come out of the dark and educate yourself on the various types of lights for your car or truck. It’s hard to imagine the endless types, styles, shapes, and bulb varieties available for your Chevy truck, sedan, or compact car, but learning about the lights that illuminate your ride will help you make an informed decision about which lights to purchase. 

Headlights and Tail Lights

You can break down Chevrolet lights into a few broad categories. The first one is the most obvious; the exterior lights of the car. These include the headlights and the taillights. It may be tempting to just grab some lights that look good and have an attractive price, but Chevy lights are meant to fit specific models and even model years. When you’re searching for lights for a particular automobile, such as a Chevy Impala, make sure the lights fit your car’s model and year before purchasing. Then, you can make other decisions, such as the bulb type, which includes HID lights, halogen lights, or LED lights. The prices vary according to the bulb type and the overall light design, which can add pizzazz to your pickup. 

Interior Lights

When you jump into your Chevy, the first thing you do is turn the car on, and you see the illuminated dashboard and instrument panel, your interior light flicks on, and you may even have other lights inside your car that come on. When these lights burn out, it’s time to replace them. Interior Chevy lights include everything from inside dome lights to an under hood light to the light inside the trunk. These lights are also categorized by the model and year of your Chevy, and just like exterior lights, they come in different styles and colors to match your car’s interior seamlessly. It’s not safe to have burned out bulbs inside your car, so replace these when necessary so you always have a comforting light blink on whenever you open your car door.

Turn Signals

Turn signals, like headlights and tail lights, work as a pair to indicate to the drivers behind you whether you’re turning right or left. These are typically red or orange in color, though some are clear. If your turn signals burn out and you don’t replace them, you could get a ticket for breaking the law. As with other Chevy car lights and Chevy truck lights, these come in different styles and sizes, including sporty bezeled lights or regular chrome varieties. They are sometimes sold as a pair, though you can purchase one as needed. Some Chevy lights have turn signals embedded into the parking lights. It’s best to buy brand new signals, and make sure you have the hardware for installation when you purchase. Again, match up your Chevy’s model and year to ensure a perfect fit, and get your ride road ready!