Chip Brands and Flavors

Buying chips online can be a great way to find a unique flavor you can't get in stores, or it can help you save by purchasing in bulk. Whether you like classic cheese chips, flaming hot pepper chips, or tangy pickle snack chips, you can find them on eBay.

Explore common chip brands

There are hundreds of companies that produce snack chips all over the world, but a few big names are behind some of the most common options. Doritos, which makes a cheesy tortilla chip, is the most popular chip brand in the nation. Another wildly common choice is Cheetos, a cheese curl made of puffed corn. Tostitos are also corn, but they are a plain tortilla chip. When it comes to potato chips, Lays is the most common brand, producing many flavors. Pringles is also a potato chip brand, but they are made from a potato dough instead of slices of individual potatoes.

What are some novelty chip flavors?

Novelty chips tend to be divided into a few basic flavor categories:

  • Limited edition flavors: These are basically unusual flavors made by a company for a brief amount of time as a special promotion. They can be fairly "normal" flavors like bacon, or they can be odder choices like Doritos' Mountain Dew snack chips.
  • Extra hot chips: A lot of novelty chips, like Takis Blue Heat or Paqui's Carolina Reaper Chips, are an extra hot chip meant to challenge lovers of spice.
  • Regional chips: Some flavors like ketchup or pickle are only popular in certain regions, so many other places will see them as novelty chips.
  • Sweet chips: Most novelty chips are savory, but occasionally you can find novelty chips in flavors like cinnamon, white chocolate, or mint.
Deciding between single bags and chip packs

Most chips are sold as either a single 10 to 8-ounce bag, or a pack that contains multiple one-ounce bags. A big bag can be useful when you want to fill up a bowl of chips for a party or when you want to eat a big snack yourself. They also use less packaging than individually packaged snack chips.

However, chip packs can make it easier to portion out the one-ounce chip serving size recommended by health experts. Variety packs are also useful if you want to try a few assorted flavors. Finally, chip packs come in handy when you want to sell or give away individual serving sizes of chips.