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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Christie Projector

If you want to save on movie tickets, then you need to create a cinematic experience at home. A Christie projector can bring your home theater to life by giving you a closer semblance to the in-house movie theater experience. If you're considering purchasing a Christie projector, you can choose from a wide selection at various price points on eBay.

How does a Christie projector work?

A Christie cinema projector can make your movies feel more realistic. You can change your movie experience by swapping out your TV for a Christie cinema projector. A home projection system makes use of projection and TV technology. Television technology helps with creating the image, and projection technology projects the image onto a screen.

What models of home theater projectors are available?

You can find new and used Christie projectors on eBay. It helps to set a budget for your purchase because your Christie projectors price list varies depending upon your needs. Available models include the following:

  • Christie projectors 4K - The Christie TruLIfe models provide 4K resolution with the bandwidth to handle multiple formats for 3D display. The results are an output of 120 Hz or 60 Hz per eye. Christie projectors use 4K technology to create smooth 3D viewing.
  • SXGA DLP projector - DLP stands for digital light processing. It is different from LCD technology in that it is reflective. The light reflects off of digital micro mirror devices, which reflects a single pixel in the resolution of the projected image. An SXGA DLP projector delivers a high-contrast, high-brightness, and high-resolution image.
  • Christie CineLife series - This series is one of the most advanced lineups of projectors with this brand. It features UX-designed CineLife electronics platform with DCI-compliant projectors.
How do you choose the right home theater projector?

If you are considering buying a home entertainment system, then you have to consider how it is going to be used. A projector allows you to enjoy images at 100 inches. To best serve your needs, decide on the type of projector you want. The two most common types are digital light processing (DLP) and liquid crystal display (LCD). DLP uses mirrors to project the image, and LCD passes light through three LCD panels. However, a basic set-up consists of a LCD or LED projector and a nice set of speakers. Consider the brightness you desire, the resolution of the image and so on.