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Cipo & Baxx Men's Jeans

Searching for branded men's jeans can be involved; so many choices exist. It helps to narrow the field by first deciding on a particular style such as slim fit, skinny jeans, straight pants, or relaxed pants for men. Once the fit has been determined, it is much easier to determine details such as blue, black, denim, and treatments, including acid wash.

What types of styles and rise levels are available?

There are quite a few rise types and styles for men offered by Cipo & Baxx.

  • Baggy or loose: Loose style provides a roomy garment through the seat, thighs, and knees. Cargo pants are an example of the loose style.
  • Classic, straight leg: The material narrows very little below the knee and then remains straight through the ankle
  • Slim fit: This style is narrow through the rear and thighs. Men's straight leg is often used with slim fit; these should not be confused with skinny jeans.
  • Skinny: This is styled to fit snugly against rear, front, waist, hips, legs, thighs, and calves.
  • Relaxed fit: With a roomier fit for men through the rise, rear, and thighs, these usually have a straight leg.
  • Mid-rise: These are designed to fit halfway between the waist and hips. Straight-leg styles are combined with this rise, and slim types for men can be mid-rise.
  • Low-rise: Intended to sit at or below hip level, they are often combined with slim and skinny styles. Straight legs are available with low rise; this style is not usually seen in combination with relaxed or loose fit for men.
What treatments are available with men's brands?

Cipo & Baxx has blue jeans for men with a variety of wash treatments.

  • Stonewashed: This adds a faded look.
  • Acid wash: No acid involved, this shows greater contrast between wrinkles and fabric.
  • Distressed: Ripped, torn, scored, and snagged, they are designed to appear well used
  • Medium
  • Dark
  • White
  • Black and Gray
  • Embellished
Do Cipo & Baxx jeans for men have many colors?

Yes, Cipo men's blue jeans come in multiple colors, as denim can be dyed with any color, including red, white, multicolored, and many others. Blue and black pairs are available in most styles, including regular, relaxed, skinny, slim, and straight.

What are Cipo & Baxx jeans' lower-leg styles?
  • Boot-cut styles are available and intended to fit over cowboy boots.
  • The most common Cipo lower-leg style for men is the straight leg as it can be paired with the skinny fit, relaxed, and many other styles.
  • A tapered, upside-down carrot-shaped leg is another style used with different waist fits.
  • Wide legs are typically found on baggy blue jeans.
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