Clowns & Circus Costume Face Paint and Stage Makeup

Take clowning around seriously with a selection of premium face paints and stage makeup for all your acting, costuming, and Halloween needs. Appropriate for all skin types and enriched with vitamin E, this greaseless, talc-free cosmetic produces a desirable, bright finish whether you're a happy clown or a sad hobo. The makeup doesn't crack or fade but does allow for embellishments like precious gem powders and glitter to be incorporated into the final design with shimmering perfection.

What types of clown characters can you design with makeup?

  • Auguste: Auguste, or foolish in German, is a classic whimsical clown. Makeup for this type is bright, colorful, and exaggerated. A red rubber nose is a bonus.
  • Character: As the name suggests, character clowns are modeled after well-known characters like the tramp (think Charlie Chaplin) or the hobo clown. Makeup for these clowns is usually black and white and less exaggerated.
  • Pierrot: Pierrot is an elegant clown with a simple costume and a full white face with minimal features.
  • Whiteface: The most common type of clown you'll see. It mixes and matches other clown types in varied, delightful ways.

How do you apply clown makeup? 

Before applying your clown makeup, make sure your face is clean and dry, your hair is pulled away, and that you have everything you need in front of you.

  • Start with your overall face color, usually white, and apply a thin layer. Once it dries, apply another thin layer and let that dry. Repeat until you have the coverage you want.
  • Outline the features and shapes you want with an eyeliner pencil. Fill in areas where lighter colors are to be used, then the areas with darker colors. Allow the paint to dry between applications.
  • Use a finishing powder to set your clown makeup once done and to help prevent smudging.

How do you remove clown makeup?

While it's fun to be a clown, to keep your skin healthy, it's important to thoroughly wash off the cosmetics when you're done.

First, remove the paint and makeup. Removing grease makeup is surprisingly easy and can be done with ordinary items like baby oil, makeup remover, cold cream, and olive oil. Baby oil attaches to the paint to gently remove it. Everyday makeup remover can also be used and is designed to for facial skin. Cold cream has been effectively removing face paint for decades. For difficult colors like red, olive oil is useful. For best results, the oil should be warmed for a few seconds, rubbed in, and left on the skin for several minutes before wiping it off.

The second step is washing your face thoroughly. The cleanser you use should be gentle, but it should still able to remove the last bits of cosmetics. Be sure to clean carefully around your hairline, ears, and neck.