Collapsible Scenic Photo Background Materials to Start Your Studio

While a natural background with an actual sky and sandy beaches may be the optimal one for that vacation shoot, you can get almost the same effect without having to drive to the nearest beach. These materials are common in photo studios made for family portraits. Some come in kits, while others require additional gear to set up properly.

What Types of Scenic Backgrounds Can I Buy?

  • Theme: When the time comes for Halloween preparations again, families and friends can gather in front of a spooky background complete with jack-o'-lanterns and creepy crawlies to create the right ambiance. Providing costumes and other props is also a good way to get everyone in the mood and to make the snaps as natural and captivating as possible.
  • Vacations: A backdrop kit of a sandy beach with clear blue cloudless skies are ideal for those pre-vacation shoots. These are also ideal for placing in resort hotel lobbies because of their portable and collapsible designs that make deploying and packing them much easier.
  • Events: Photography at events is a breeze when a collapsible backdrop along with fun props is used. You can get custom backdrops with organization logos or emblems printed on them to easily frame the portraits. Birthday parties can also benefit from collapsible backdrops because of the flexible number of whimsical background designs available for purchase. An advantage is that you can pack it up using its collapsible design so that when photo shoots are over, you can use the same space for partying.
  • Portraits: Collapsible background with solid or pastel colors are ideal for family portraits in studio photography. There are numerous shades to choose from which can easily change the tone of the portrait. Some manufacturers have reversible backgrounds to save on space and materials, while others have collapsible backdrops with 3D effects for a fun dimension to the photos.

What Other Gear Should I Consider Using With Collapsible Backgrounds?

  • Backdrop Stands: Collapsible backgrounds require backdrop stands when used for events and other studio shoots. When working in a large studio, you can easily move the collapsible backgrounds to match your lighting setup.
  • Tripod: A tripod is an indispensable tool for shooting with a collapsible background because it allows you to maintain the settings and frame your shots consistently. This is especially helpful at events where the subjects constantly change but the frame doesn't need to.
  • Lighting: The importance of lighting cannot be understated when used in studio shoots with backgrounds. Bad lighting can reveal the artificial nature of the background. Lighting up the subject well on both sides as well as having triggered studio lights help in maximizing detail.