Collectible Cookie Jars

Collectible Cookie Jars

Andy Warhol is credited with creating the obsession of collecting cookie jars after a piece about his collection appeared in a newspaper. Others choose to start a collection as a way to remember being allowed to select the most delicious cookie from their grandmothers when they were young. The most collectible cookie jars are stoneware with many different figural jars put out by a variety of companies.

What are vintage cookie jars?

A cookie jar is a container meant to hold cookies, but it can hold other items as well, including dog biscuits or candy. The making of cookie jars follows the trend in Great Britain to make biscuit tins. Generally, the Brush Pottery Company is credited with making the first one. It was shaped like a trashcan with a lid and had the words "cookies" embossed on its green front. The trend of making vintage cookie jars in America started about 1929 and lasted until about 1959.

What are some of some themes of collectible cookie jars?

There are many themes produced by numerous manufacturers that have become collectible antique cookie jars, including:

  • Advertising: Many different companies used stoneware as a premium to be given to valuable customers while others sold theirs including Quaker Oats, McDonalds, and Pillsbury.
  • Character: Countless characters have had their likenesses made as a jar, including Ronald McDonald, Aunt Jemima, Campbells Kids, Mickey Mouse, Mr. Peanut, Betty Boop and others.
  • Animals: Various animal-themed cookie jars have been recreated, including roosters, pigs, bears, cats, frogs, and others, which are now.
  • Holidays and seasons: Plenty of festive Halloween and Christmas collectibles are made and sold by many companies.
  • Famous people: Innumerable famous people have had their likenesses recreated as collectible jars including George Washington, Rosa Parks, Harpo Marx, and Abraham Lincoln
  • Everyday objects: Tractors, school buses, houses, stagecoaches, football helmets, and many other items have been re-imagined to hold cookies.
What are some companies that made antique cookie jars?

There were many different companies that made antique cookie jars sought after by collectors, and they include:

  • McCoys: Mammy with Cauliflower, made in 1939, was the first McCoy cookie jar.
  • McKee Glass Company: This company produced a cookie jar in 1903 by etching the word "cookies" on the front of a glass jar with a wide mouth paving the way for many to follow.
  • Louisville Pottery: Since 1815, this company has been making jars with some of their famous pieces being handcrafted masterpieces for cookies labeled for Harper J. Ransburg Company.
  • American Bisque: This company mainly offered colorful cartoon character jars with many collectors favoring their Davy Crockett jars.
  • Red Wing Pottery: In 1900, this company was the largest in the United States of its type. Their Dutch boy and girl cookie jars are especially sought by some collectors.
  • Regal China Company: This company made many different jars including ones featuring Winnie the Pooh, but their most sought after jar features Little Red Riding Hood, which they produced for Hull.