Collectible Sconce Light Fixtures

Collectible Sconce Light Fixtures

Wall sconce light fixtures not only add supplemental lighting to a room, but some can qualify as works of art. These wall lights are made in a variety of styles and sizes. The different styles make it possible for you to choose a wall sconce or fixture that is right for your home, either inside or outside.

What styles of wall fixtures are on offer?

Styles of this lighting type include:

  • French Empire: These sconces are in the style that was common during the reign of Emperor Napoleon of France. This lighting resembles small, bowl-shaped chandeliers.
  • Arts and crafts: This was a movement in Europe and America that lasted from around 1880 to 1920. It emphasized craftsmanship that was beautiful but geared toward the common folk.
  • Art deco: These sconces are in a style from the 1920s and 1930s that emphasized streamlined contours, geometric patterns, and the use in art and design of new materials such as bakelite. Wall lights used glass shades that slipped into place, which gave them the name of slip shades. Many have forms based on shells and shields.
  • Modern: Modern style actually began in 1900 and came into its own after World War II. It emphasizes simplicity and functionality and does away with rich carvings and ornamentation for the most part. However, some pieces have decorative forms, such as wall sconces shaped like bow-ties.
  • Williamsburg: This lighting style references that used in Colonial Williamsburg, with blown glass shades and graceful arms and escutcheons.
  • Spanish: This style features sconces made of heavy, wrought metal.
Where can these wall lights be used?

Many are excellent for use in an interior hallway or entryway. Others can be used outside, on the wall by the front or back door, or even the garden wall. You will need to make sure that the sconce is rated for outdoor use. Some sconces are beautiful enough to be used in the living room, bedroom, or bath.

What are these wall sconces made of?

You can get a wall sconce made of:

  • Copper: The copper of some of these light fixtures has acquired a patina known as verdigris.
  • Porcelain: This is a kaolin clay fired at high temperatures until it is very hard, vitreous, and waterproof.
  • Brass: This is an alloy of zinc and copper.
  • Chrome: Chrome is a thin layer of chromium placed over another metal to make it shiny.
  • Tole metal: This is sheet metal ornamented with enamel or paint.
  • Wrought iron: This is iron that has been bent, twisted, or worked into decorative shapes. Wrought iron is low in carbon, which makes it malleable.
  • Bronze: Bronze is an alloy of mainly copper and tin. Like pure copper, it takes on a patina as it ages.
  • Crystal: This is either a fine type of glass or a material actually carved out of quartz.
  • Aluminum: This is a silvery, lightweight, yet strong metal that can also be worked. It resists tarnishing and oxidation.

What is an atomic wall sconce?

These are wall sconces that were common in the 1950s and early 1960s and get their name from the age. They often come in the shape of concentric rings, globes, cones, bullets, and even abstract shapes. Some resemble flying saucers.