Collectible Graphic Novels

Graphic novels have become a sensation in the science fiction genre. These creative works combine the talents of writing, storytelling, and visual artwork.

What is a graphic novel?

A graphic novel is similar to a comic book. In fact, to many they seem to be the same thing. The main difference between a graphic novel and a comic book is that the graphic novel tells a longer, more in-depth story. This tale is long like a novel. Some even have multiple editions of the book. Every graphic novel is a comic, but not every comic is a graphic novel.

What makes graphic novels so different?

The regular novel combined with comic art gets you more immersed in the plot. These books usually have a rich plot history. Many involve superhero characters, and they use vivid details to create a comprehensive fictional world.

How do you know if your comic is an original?

Most collectors want the first-edition of a comic or graphic novel. Here are a few ways to make sure you are getting the collectible you are looking for.

  • Check cover: The word "reprint" is a giveaway that it is not an original.
  • Check markings: Most originals state "#1" or "First Edition."
  • Check age: Most originals are from the 1970s or earlier.
  • Check advertisements: The ads should fit the time period of the original comic release.
Are there graphic novels appropriate for children?

Generations of children have loved a good comic or graphic novel. But not all are right for every age of child. Here are some ways to tell if a book is age appropriate.

  • Reviews: Read online reviews.
  • Read the summary: Usually located in the back of book, the summary gives a synopsis of the novel.
  • Read it yourself: By reading it yourself, you can determine if it is appropriate for your child, and you may even like it.
What are some benefits to reading collectible graphic novels?

There are several benefits to reading a comic book or graphic novel. In addition to telling a great story, a reader may find that this genre offers more than just entertainment.

  • Literacy: Many teachers use comics and graphic novels to attract reluctant readers to books.
  • Tradition: Graphic novels are a great way to pass down memories from parents to children.
  • History: Many novels tackle historical problems from other times, giving the reader a sense of the past.
  • Nostalgic gift: For some a graphic novel or comic reminds them of childhood and makes a great gift for a graphic novel or comic enthusiast.
What makes up a comic series?

A comic series is a compilation of stories that follow the same characters through various adventures. Every book usually contains both elements of that story as well as overarching story aspects.