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Snack and Beverage Combo Vending Machines

People will always need food and drinks, especially when theyre on the go, and thats where the snack and beverage combo vending machine can be a savior. This unique style of vending machine has the ability to hold both food and drink in a combo device so they can serve customers needs all in the one place. These vending machines commonly appear in hospitals, offices, schools, shopping malls, and anywhere people might need a snack option on the go, and they come with features to suit any setting and many price ranges.

What Can You Put in A Snack and Beverage Combo Vending Machine?

A drink and snack vending machine has the capability to do so much more than just vend soda, and there are countless options for what you can use them for depending on your customers needs and what selection they might prefer. These can include:

  • Packets of potato chips, corn chips, nuts, and more;
  • Candy bars;
  • Soda, water, and juice bottles;
  • Sandwiches and wraps; or even
  • Milk and yogurt.

Are There Different Sizes Available?

Depending on how much traffic you have where the combo soda vending machine will be, youll need to consider different sizes for the space. There are a few choices available for vending machine sizes and various layouts you can choose as well.

  • Compact machines: These machines are best for smaller spaces with fewer customers and can hold as little as 12 selections.
  • Mid size machines: This common size features both food and drink like sandwiches, candy bars, and soda.
  • Large machines: These usually hold a wider range of food and drinks to vend with space for up to 32 or more items. Some larger ones even feature space for items like baguettes, fruit, and vegetables.

What Are the Common Features of These Machines?

Modern vending devices like this come with features that werent around when the first ones appeared, and theyre now more user friendly than ever. These are some common features you will find on snack and beverage combo vending machines:

  • Payment options: There are various choices for payment with these machines including a bill validator, coin changer, and credit card reader, as well as the standard coin and note acceptor.
  • Various sizes of food and drinks: These machines can fit smaller snack size packets of food or larger sizes, and cans or bottles of drink in various sizes.
  • Moving spirals: Spirals are important parts that disburse the food and drink, and come in sizes small enough for gum and mints.
  • Lights and displays: Some machines have active displays that help with impulse purchases or back lights that show the products off.