Common Questions About MacBook Pro Computer Stands, Holders, and Car Mounts

You may be struggling to get your MacBook Pro to the right height while you're at your work desk. Perhaps you're looking for a mount that can keep your computer in a comfortable position while you're in the car so you don't get carsick. Whatever you're looking for, you'll be able to find a stand, holder or car mount for your MacBook on eBay.

What can a MacBook Pro stand be used for?

There are many creative uses for MacBook Pro stands or holders. Here are just a few of the more common uses for these stands:

  • An ergonomic work setup - Having a stand that extends to a comfortable height will easily allow you to maintain your posture at a desk, even if you're working long hours.
  • A sturdy gaming setup - If you play any competitive games on your MacBook, then a holder would be the perfect accessory for keeping your laptop secure. When you're aiming or maneuvering precisely, you definitely don't want your laptop moving around.
  • Working on public transport - Seats on trains, buses, or even planes can be quite cramped. A sturdy car mount can make sure your laptop is moved to a more comfortable position and is kept in place - even when the vehicle hits some major bumps.
  • Unique display areas - If you have extra MacBooks in your workspace, you could use holders or stands to position the MacBooks in areas you may not expect them in.
What MacBooks can fit on stands, holders, or car mounts?

As long as you're careful about purchasing the right car mount, holder, or stand model, then you should be able to fit most MacBook models. The MacBook models that you may be able to mount properly include:

  • MacBook Pro - The largest MacBook offering from Apple is the MacBook Pro. These laptops are currently available in 13-inch and 15-inch sizes, but a 17-inch model was available in earlier years. Because of this, you'll need to double-check your model and year to ensure that you're grabbing the right MacBook Pro stand.
  • MacBook Air - The most diminutive of all MacBooks is the MacBook Air, engineered to be compact and lightweight. The Air is currently offered with a razor-thin 13.3-inch screen size, but an 11.6-inch model has been offered in the past.
Are there universal MacBook Pro stands, holders, or car mounts?

Yes, there are some stand models that can universally fit most Apple laptop models. These require some adjustment to tightly fit different models. If you have multiple MacBook models, then a universal stand might be a good choice.

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