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Looking For A Contax Film Camera In A Digital World

In a world where digital technology has taken over most photography, there are still many people who prefer film cameras. There are still a few companies who make film cameras, and many film cameras remain available. The Contax company is one such company, and its Rangefinder camera is just one example of film cameras still readily available.

What are the different types of film cameras still available?

All Contax Rangefinders and other film cameras come in one of these three basic types as related to the camera's mode of focus:

  • Autofocus camera: This type has a motor, control system, and sensor that automatically selects a range of sight from which to shoot, although such cameras should have adjustable settings for that automatic range.
  • Manual focus camera: Requires its user to adjust the lens in order to achieve the desired range of sight from which to shoot.
  • Auto and manual focus camera: A hybrid that has the capability for both of the types of focus mentioned above.
How should you choose between the three types of cameras?

The considerations in the list below deal only with the decision between autofocus and manual focus. If you are looking for the benefits you discover from both types of cameras, then the hybrid auto and manual focus camera is likely to be a good choice for you.

Autofocus assists photographers to achieve the exact shot they attempt to take, which is especially important when attempting to take a picture of a moving object. If you are not an experienced photographer, autofocus does not require the same level of a "photographer's eye," and is thus easier to use in most circumstances. Manual focus is appropriate for subjects that lack a color or lighting contrast from their surroundings, helping snap a clear picture of the intended subject. Manual focus can help towards greater clarity in outdoor photography.

How do you find a film camera?
  • Model: Find out the differences between the various models and discover which one would work best for your individual purposes, depending on what type of photos you shoot.
  • Features: Make sure you are familiar with the type of flash and shutter mode that the camera uses, and compare each with your own preferences. See the manufacturer's site for these details in order to make such comparisons.
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